27 Men And Women Confess The Weird And Dirty Hot Traits That They’re Shamefully Attracted To

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Lola Bunny from Space Jam.

Also Jasmine when she’s in red. Belle in the yellow dress.



When I was a kid: the reporter from the Skippy the Kangaroo animated series. Yes, she was a kangaroo.



Girls with nice backs. Not overly muscular, but smooth, clear, lightly tanned skin. Some guys are ass men, some are boob men. I’m a back man. Love it and I can’t explain why.



There was a girl in my college chemistry class who had suffered from severe facial burns that were uncorrected. She could best be described as ‘Lisa Kudrow cast in the role of Two-Face, or the Norse Goddess Hela’. To many, she’d be a butterface- great body, blond, 1/2 half of her face was gorgeous. The other half was messed up with keloid tissue, but still largely the same (she had a face). If you didn’t get within 50 feet, you’d assume she was just a statuesque blonde girl. I was fascinated and couldn’t stop staring. She hated me because she thought I was gawking at her because of her deformity. One of my great regrets is that I never developed the bravery to tell her I was staring because I thought she was fascinating, that she was more beautiful because she was unique.



Collars on women. The recent resurgence of the choker has been amazing.



When a girl is a complete wreck and just gives you that look like “this is me.” There’s something about it that is just so attractive and sexy.



I wouldn’t say I’m exactly ashamed but I definitely don’t advertise that feet are a big turn/attraction for me.



Trashy girls. Seriously if I see a pretty trashy girl I’m fucked.



Girls with off-color hair, used to be mostly punk chicks, now there are a lot of cos-play girls that do it too.

Nothing turns my head faster than a glimpse of blue, purple or green hair in a crowd.



Men I don’t know. I don’t want to get to know them, I just want to have sex with them once. I wanna accidentally bump into them at a store, make eye contact, go bang it out somewhere, and never talk to them again. I dunno, I guess I’m really curious as to what different dudes dicks look like.



Women ages 40-60 with big butts.

I’m 30.



Girls who laugh in a way that suggests mental instability. The most attractive girl I ever knew shook and laughed until every molecule of air in her body was expelled. She sounded like an albatross being forced through a cheese grater, and I loved her for it.



Tall women, basically “larger” than me in every regard. Idealistically around 6’0″ to 6’5″. There’s something so dick-hardening about a woman who could easily overpower and rape/murder me whenever she wants, but doesn’t.



Lesbians. I’m only ashamed because I feel like a dick for how many times I’ve asked out lesbians. I don’t know they’re lesbians when I ask them out if that makes it any better. There’s just something about them, the short hair, tomboyish clothes, confidence in everything they do. I find it insanely attractive.



I would never tell anyone this, but… women dressed as clowns.

Im not sure where or how it started.



Resting bitch face.



I want the ever loving fuck degraded out of me in bed. Call me every bad word in the book and that gets me going, I love the idea of a guy having power over me and going rough. Telling me what to do and taking control.

Although at an intellectual level I’d be disgusted by a guy who treated me so badly so it’s unlikely I’ll find someone who can adequately fulfill that desire and still be a good partner who respects me out of bed.



Oh gee, confession time.

I have a deep, ridiculous, almost weird obsession with chubby guys. I’m not ashamed of liking chubby guys btw, I’m ashamed of the intensity to which I like them.

I also feel so guilty about fetishising them but I can’t help it. I love hugging a chubby guy and feeling them being all soft and cuddly; it makes me weak in the knees and gives me an instant ladyboner.

I’m sort of on the skinny side and for some reason, I seem to repel the kind of guys I’m physically attracted to; all of them ignore me and it just makes me want to want them more.



Girls with low self-esteem. I just want to lift them up to the point where they realize they are too good for me.



Men’s back and shoulders. Mmmmmmm. I just want to lick them.



For whatever reason, I’m attracted to women who hate everyone. Homebodies, cynical, with a general disgust for other people.

Maybe it’s the challenge of breaking down their walls. Maybe it’s an opposites attract kinda thing, since I generally enjoy being in large groups of people and meeting new people. Idk, I never really thought about it before now.



Sticking things up my bf’s butt…



Guys who think they have no chance with me, or are conventionally unattractive. This is really shitty of me to admit, but through them, I actually feel like I am pretty. Realistically, I know I have a lot of physical features that people consider “attractive”; but I never really feel that way about myself unless I’m receiving an obsessive level of devotion.



Confidence. Like, deluded fucking ridiculous confidence. The type of woman who legitimately thinks they could have any guy they wanted and prides themselves on it.



The way women dress when they’re home alone and know they’ll be staying in.

I love the oversized t-shirt. I love the sweatpants with the two-day old beefaroni stain. I love the messy, shitty ponytail with the split-ends and fly-aways sticking out all over the place.

Much like Troy from Community, I’d take it over lingerie any day, because I just like knowing she’s comfortable. If she’s a mess and she’s happy, so am I.

I mean, maybe it’s not something shameful, but it’s not something you mention. “I wanna see you look like shit” isn’t exactly the most attractive come-on, is it?



Blowjobs, giving.

For some reason, almost every other person I speak to either detests giving blowjobs and thinks its gross, or is just very indifferent to it.

I love it. I even like swallowing. I like just being able to play with it and do what ever I want, like when you eat a popsicle for fun, but I also like when he grabs my hair and basically just fucks my mouth.

Do other people’s boyfriends just have gross dicks? I don’t understand why so many other people don’t like it.



Girls who clumsily try sexy things but kinda goof. Like when she spontaneously tries to lick her own nipples but finds her boob arent quite big enough.

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