23 Men And Women Share Their Most Inspirational Love Story (That Really Happened)

20. Partners In Crime

I had come out of a relationship that lasted for a few months but was very intense and emotional. There was drama in my family because of our age difference and some religious issues.

My mom was trying to set me up with the daughter of a friend, I was in no mood but agreed to meet her for a drink. Turned out she had just ended a relationship too and we were both in an emotional mess. She only agreed to meet with me to get her mom off her back. We both only talked about how lonesome we felt after someone had walked out on us both. What we really needed was a moment to let it all out, and since we both understood what it felt like we took turns listening to the other person and literally crying in each others arms.

When the night was over I felt so much relief because I was able to share what I was feeling with someone who knew what I was feeling, but I was also there to console her, to offer her some kind of healing.

What we did goes against common sense, but we don’t regret it. We slept together. We had opened up more in one night to each other than we had to anyone else in a very long time. We made the decision we did like each other and decided to start dating and see where it takes us.

The next morning, we both got text messages around the same time from our moms asking how our date went. I suggested we should both text back it went so well we eloped. That Devilish smile I got back said it all. Her sense of humor is just like mine, and I knew the instant I saw that smile I wanted her forever. Of course our moms called back a few seconds later, and we both lead them on thinking we’d flown off to Vegas to get hitched.

Both of our moms were hysterical we could do that after meeting once. She and I laughed away for a while before we let them in on the joke that it was payback for them pushing us to go on dates, that we weren’t actually married and only having breakfast together.

Our mothers have conferred between them, and after our prank our moms have decided we belong together. We’re official now, but my sister says we’re really partners in crime. I have a thousand different stories of the antics we’ve shared.


21. One In A Million

Sat next to each other in homeroom for 3 years…finally decided to try dating…three days before prom she’s blindsided crossing a four lane highway and has to be air lifted to hospital. Lays in a coma for almost a month with her prom corsage on her IV. Miraculously starts to come around…has to near to walk and talk again. Doesn’t remember us ever dating. We marry a two years later after full recovery, work our way through college, and now have three kids. Married 24 years.



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