23 Men And Women Share Their Most Inspirational Love Story (That Really Happened)

15. A Tragic Love But Life Goes On

I met him as a child. He was a few years older than me and I just thought he was super cool. I followed him everywhere. He was your typical kid, he would tell me I was annoying and to go away. When I finally did go away, he hated it and sought me out. For the next bunch of years, we were best friends. The day I turned 13, he made me his girlfriend officially. He wrote me a note that asked me, “will you be my girlfriend? Check yes or no.” With hand drawn boxes. We were that cute, nauseating couple. It was perfection. He was my whole world, my rock, my heart, everything. He graduated high school and joined the Army while he waited for me. I was his rock during deployments, during all the up’ sand down’s.

When I turned 20 he proposed. He wrote me a note that asked me, “will you be my wife? Check yes or no.” Again, with little hand drawn boxes. He was on bended knee and the note was in the ring box. Oh gosh, it melted my heart. He melted my heart. All those years and it still felt like the first day. He left for another deployment shortly after. He came home for mid deployment leave and I wound up pregnant. We decided the wedding would be after he came home during his post deployment leave. That leave would be around 30 days. Perfect! He went back overseas. I got a knock on my door saying he was coming home…but it would be in a box. My whole world flipped upside down. Our wedding was only a few months away. This was a terrible nightmare. A few weeks later, I miscarried from all the stress and depression. I lost my best friend, my life, my love, and my hero.

Even though it will always hurt, even so many years later, it was still a wonderful love. The story goes on and always will.


16. What Can Happen When You Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Went to a friend’s birthday party that I didn’t really want to go to (I had terrible social anxiety at the time). Ended up talking to him all night. He offered me a ride home which I accepted, and let him stay the night. Woke up the next morning to him stroking my face and asking if I were an angel. He took me to dinner and a movie that night, and asked me out then and there. I held out for 3 weeks before deciding he was worth it . Moved in together after 6 months. Our 3 year anniversary will be in September this year. I keep thinking, if I hadn’t gone to that party, I would never have met him. So glad I stepped out of my comfort zone that night.



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