23 Men And Women Share Their Most Inspirational Love Story (That Really Happened)

10. Netflix And Chill Results In Wedding Bells

I moved into the apartment across the hall from his. He helped me move my couch. At first, I wasn’t interested in him…he was just some guy who lived in the building. One night, a couple months later, he called to say he had a movie on Netflix and a pizza on the way, and wanted to know if I wanted to hang out that evening. I went, and it became the first of many times. I started to see him as the sweet, funny, intelligent man he is and the attraction grew.

We dated for eight years, and got married six months ago.


11. Co-Workers

We met on our first day of work. I wasn’t into him until he left his notes at work one night. I was a manager so I had to drive him up there and unlock the doors. After I drove him back to his car he pulled out two coronas and we sat outside drinking and talking for hours. I’ve been falling for him more and more everyday since. I recently found out that he left his notes up there on purpose.


12. “I Wanna Kiss The Crap Out Of Your Face”

We met in high school in Virginia while my Dad was stationed there. My freshman year, his junior. He played Magic cards on lunch, I would come and watch him until he quit. We also participated in Drama and acted in plays together. I moved after my sophomore year from Virginia to Los Angeles because my Dad got re-stationed. We stayed close friends and for the most part kept the same circle of friends (minus creeper E, he’s just weird). Fast forward to 10 years in the future, I’m a single mom living in Utah and he’s still being an amazing friend in Virginia.

We decided it was time for him to come see my amazing state! And that’s when the magic started happening. We went hiking and ate around town. My son fell in love with him, and so did I, but I didn’t realize it until almost the last day of his visit. I had been dating a tool prior to his visit and he got to witness the glorious ending of that waste of time. On Sunday (his visit was Thursday- Tuesday) we had gone to dinner with my extended family and when we arrived home I had broken the sole of my boot and needed his help out of the shoe. When he pulled the boot off I fell and when he picked me up we had a moment of “I wanna kiss the crap out of your face, but I like you too much to make this weird”. ANNNNNDDDDD… I hugged him.

We went to our respective rooms for bed, I was up for another few hours going over in my head what had happened and what feelings I may have had for this man. We spent Monday night going back to the Lego store, eating In&Out, and watching movies. He let me organize the Legos in the weird way I do and that made me damn happy!

He left the next morning, I still hadn’t spoken up. I wanted him as a friend so much so that I wasn’t going to risk it just on a hunch. Then I finally got the ovaries to ask him. and YEP! It was mutual. I’m going out to meet his family and such in October and he’s coming to Utah to live with my son and me in January.



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