23 Men And Women Share Their Most Inspirational Love Story (That Really Happened)

6. Absolute Fate

We met in high school, at the tender age of 16. My family had moved from FL, and his (we’ll call him A) from NH, to NC the same summer. We took the same intro to Japanese class, because we both came from small towns and wanted to try something entirely new. It started out typical – I was dating a jerk (call him J), and A was too shy to talk to me. After the first year, students who had the best grades, and the funds, were invited to do a study abroad trip for 2 weeks in Japan, and we were both lucky enough to have that experience. I had broken up with J about 2 weeks before the trip after finding out he’d been cheating on me… just enough time to lick my wounds and start to heal the heartache. So we went on this trip, and I couldn’t take my eyes off A. He was quiet and polite, respectful to everyone, and had the most gorgeous hands (eh, it’s my thing – turns out he played piano). I decided I had to get to know him. I started hip-checking him at every opportunity, and asking questions – a million of them. He was patient and kind, where many others probably would have been annoyed. We hit it off really well, and when we got back from Japan, we were inseparable. That was 10 years ago, and we married 4 years ago. We’ve grown up and built this beautiful life together. He is still the best man I’ve ever met.


7. It All Started In High School In Homeroom

We had homeroom together in high school but that is just how we were introduced. I barely looked back at her and stuck to my own geeky business and played yu-gi-oh with my buddy for 2 years before getting to know her. By the end of the second year, two of the groups I would float between started sitting at the same table instead of separate ones, one of which she was in.

Junior year was more interesting. We spent more time both in homeroom and at lunch together but both of us being the quiet and shy type didn’t do much. End of junior year we were flirting so hard and didn’t know it; everyone swore we should be dating. I also passed up the chance of asking her to junior prom (crossed my mind but I was too chicken).

Senior year we finally made more moves (actually she did). That was the last year before I disqualified for being an Eagle Scout so I had to finish my big project, fast. She was there every day volunteering and helping me get Eagle on time. And on my birthday, she holds a quick surprise party during lunch where she gives me a huge box filled with gifts from all my other friends in on it. At the bottom of the box was a hand-made plushie of my favorite pokemon with a note asking me to the Senior Ball. Of course I said yes and we went together (still not dating and refused she was that into me). End of the year begins wrapping up and I finally have some sense knocked in to me by a mutual friend (this was not easy). A week before the year ends I stop her in the halls as we walked to good ol’ homeroom and asked her out in the cheesiest way. I spun her around with the hall empty except for us and presented her with the EVE pin from the WALL-E pins I had on my backpack all year and asked, “Will you be the EVE to my WALL-E? Will you go out with me?”

We have been dating for 2 years as of this coming Friday and have suffered though the pains of a long-distance relationship while attending our respective universities. I love her to bits and I can’t wait to see her again.



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