23 Men And Women Share Their Most Inspirational Love Story (That Really Happened)

4. Walking To Class Together

She was popular in high school and had various boyfriends. Me? I was a loser who had almost no friends and hadn’t even had a kiss despite being in my senior year of high school. The two of us had never even spoken a word to each other despite going to the same small school our whole lives.

Well, one day I took a different route to class. As the halls emptied of kids I kept walking the long way around to my last class. I happened to bump into her walking down the same hall way. As luck would have it our last class of the day was literally right next door to each other. For whatever reason I decided to keep taking the long way around and walking next to her through a few hallways until we reached our classes. It eventually got to the point where we would chat with each other. We would sometimes even just stand outside the closed class room door chatting before finally going in. If one of us was running late for our afternoon chat the other would wait or hang around in the hall until they showed up.

We eventually exchanged number and began to text all the time. A few weeks of this and the next thing I know I’m waiting in the hallway for her with a bunch of flowers. I asked her to prom, she said yes and that night after prom we had a movie night at my house. I finally got my first kiss. A week later I lost my virginity to her right before graduation. (I thought I was going to make it all the way through high school without ever having sex. I almost made it lol). We just celebrated our two years recently. We have now been dating for 2 years and are both in college.

Life works in weird ways. If that one day I had decided not to take the long way to class I never would have started walking with her and I never would have dated her.


5. “Just smile…and be yourself…they will love you for who you are”

I think it was fate.

I went home to SoCal for Thanksgiving weekend. That Saturday after Thanksgiving, my two friends and I went out to a downtown cafe/bar. It was pretty early, around 9 pm, but people gradually started to fill the space. The atmosphere of the place was very festive and happy. With Thanksgiving just a few days before and the Holidays ahead, I think people were in the holiday spirit. Also, a lot of people (e.g. college students like myself) returned home for the holidays, so folks were catching up with friends and stuff. It was a great, loving, and fun atmosphere.

I started off drinking a coke & rum on the rocks, and I don’t remember what my two friends ordered. All I can recall about that night with them is that they wanted to flirt and get hit-on by guys. I wasn’t in the mood to participate and I didn’t care to talk to guys (I was feeling kind of jaded that night), so I was kind of like the third wheel. There were guys that did came up to talk with me, but I just wasn’t interested.

Around 11 or 11:30 pm, it was starting to get packed. My friends and I found a cozy spot by the bar. I managed to find a place to sit, while my friends chatted with a bunch of guys. By now, I’m two drinks down and working on my third one. My alcohol tolerance level is low, so I was starting to feel buzzed, on my way to tipsy-land.

I leaned against the bar with my elbows on the edge of the table, and my drink in my left hand. I was scanning the noisy room and thinking how there were SO many people here. Now, remember, I was feeling kind of jaded that night…so I was thinking to myself, “Just smile…and be yourself..they will love you for who you are.” And this has always been my mantra in life, but that night in particular, I kept repeating it in my head.

So I’m scanning the room full of people and I suddenly lock eyes with someone in the back of the room. He’s smiling at me and I can feel a really big smile forming on my face. It was so big that it even sobered me up a little. It was a sweet moment. I could hear my heart beating and for some reason, I was trying really hard to read his mind. As he’s walking through the crowd, he doesn’t stop smiling at me, and he’s intently staring at me. For a good 10 seconds, the noise surrounding me was silenced by the gaze that we shared. At that moment, I knew he was something special.

He continued walking through the crowd but I couldn’t see where he was going. Eventually, he disappeared into the crowd. I kept sipping on my coke & rum, and eavesdropping on a conversation that one of my friends was having with a random guy. They were talking dirty to each other, so I decided to eavesdrop in another conversation.

About ten minutes later, the guy that was smiling at me walked up to me and said, “Hi my name is ____. What is your name?”

Fast forward 15 minutes…my friends promptly decide to leave this cafe/bar to go to a different bar down the street. I hesitantly hop off the stool (because I wanted to keep talking to him), he asks for my number, I tell him my number and I’m practically yelling because it was so loud, told him good night and left the cafe/bar…

Fast forward the next day…I wake up with a nasty hangover..but I also wake up thinking about _____. At that same moment as I’m thinking of him, I get a text message from him saying, “Happy Thanksgiving Sunday! Lets see if you know who this is. =)”



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