23 Men And Women Share Their Most Inspirational Love Story (That Really Happened)

22. A Love That Got A Second Chance

We went to secondary school (high school) together but never spoke to one another (perhaps the odd word). It turns out that we both chose the same University to attend and we began to talk more through Facebook and msn. Our friendship slowly but surely flourished as I began to realize how amazing this lady was whom I had barely noticed just a year ago.

The next part of the story makes me mad as to my own actions. I went through a “phase” of ignoring her which at the time I did not fully realise (I was very busy and having a lot of personal issues at the time) She kept trying to make/keep contact with me and I kept knocking her back. This fell at a bad time as she was going onto a placement year for her degree. My life stabilised and I finally comprehended the opportunity I had missed, to ask this lady on a date.

Our contact resumed as I now attempted to claw back and undo the damage I had done. It was at this point I found out that she had a boyfriend. What puzzled me about this was that she did not tell me this at all (not even hint at it) we were good friends so this was a source of confusion for me (I found out from her sister if you were wondering.)

That text still haunts me as it was at that moment the realization set in that I have missed the biggest opportunity of my life to date. I thought she had forgotten about me, whilst my mind could never forget her.

Due to the distance issue between us I had to now keep an appearance through social media and texting/msn. We had so many brilliant conversations over the course of that year. I would plan my evenings so as to free up time in order to talk to her. I wanted to be there for her to make up for my previous mistake. Through this time our friendship grew ever stronger and this wonderful woman knew me better than I knew myself.

She finally returned from her gap year and I was able to see her face to face again. We met up a lot and shared some lovely evenings talking and going for walks. It was at this point that the nervousness and fear of rejection was completely overshadowed by my admiration for this person and I just asked her out on a date.

She was in the awkward position of still being in a relationship (I was certain it had ended due to the amount of time and communication we spent together) so she said those terrifying words “I have to think about it.”

The next few days I just soldiered on with my life and tried to focus on other tasks to not allow my brain to come to terms with what happened. I received a text asking me over to “talk” a few days later which I was relieved to receive. Those few days allowed very rapid maturity on my part and I came to the conclusion that I just wanted her to be happy. If that was with someone else then I would accept that and move on somehow, as I could never dream of interfering with what she truly wanted.

We met and had a very long, slightly awkward hug (The kind where you hug someone without your hips touching) We sat down and she got straight to business. She revealed she had the exact same feelings for me and she only accepted the offer from the other guy as she thought I was not interested in her. She even told me she used to plan her evenings so as to be able to talk to me whilst she was away. She was only a week or two away from asking me out, so that was the happiest day of my life. I initially felt bad for the other guy but it later turned out he was a complete asshole who used to belittle her and make her cry.

We have been dating for 4 years now and every day is a new adventure with the woman I love and cherish, and will never let slip away like I almost did before.


23. To This Day This Is Still My Greatest Romance

Senior year of high school – we were both seniors. We’d been in the same grade since kindergarten, and my class was barely 300 people so by that time everybody pretty much knew each other. Up until then, though, she and I had pretty much just coexisted. We weren’t particularly good friends or anything like that. But in the fall of that year we went on a group weekend retreat for a peer counseling program. I was a trainer – I had been a member for several years at this point – and she was one of the new inductees. One of our jobs as trainers was to set up an obstacle course for the trainees which they would navigate blindfolded with the help of a partner. One of the parts of the course was a trust fall off of a stage (maybe about 3 feet high). I was in charge of catching people along with one other person. Don’t worry, we had a copious amount of mats at the bottom to ensure no accidents would happen. When it was her turn to fall she informed us – not having any idea which trainers we were since she was still blindfolded – that she was not good with trust falls but would do her best.

Her best turned out to be flailing immediately and nearly breaking my nose with her elbow. There was a decent amount of blood, but the nearest sink was back in the main building which was a bit of a walk, so I went there straight away. I wasn’t hurt badly at all, and I was laughing the whole way. She, though, had no idea she’d even hit me at all because I somehow still managed to catch her well enough not to drop her. She found out what happened once her blindfold came off and as soon as she did rushed back to apologize. By then I had cleaned up and informed her I was fine.

That night she ate with me and we were together for most of the rest of the retreat. Afterwards we hung out quite frequently. Fast forward to early February of the next year and she had come over my house because she wanted to get some music from me on a flash drive (The Dear Hunter was the band, if you’re wondering). I promise you, my intentions that night were not to kiss her, but that’s what wound up happening. It was a great Spring and Summer with her after that, but unfortunately we didn’t make it to Thanksgiving once college began. Long distance just wasn’t for us. To this day it remains my best and favorite story, though.

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