17 Women Share The Bullshit Stereotypes About ‘Females’ They’re Sick To Death Of Hearing

@marishkakuroedova / www.twenty20.com
@marishkakuroedova / www.twenty20.com

1. Don’t Want Kids? You Hate Babies

How we’re supposed to be ‘naturally predisposed’ to wanting children. And if we don’t, that must mean we’re sick/crazy/etc. and must HATE children.


2. Women=Difficult

“Women are difficult to understand.”

No. People are difficult to understand if they don’t know how to communicate their feelings, thoughts, desires, etc.


3. “It’s all in your head”

That all the stuff that happens to me and tons of other women doesn’t really happen ie “it’s all in your head.”


4. All Women Are Jealous

That if I don’t like another girl for whatever reason that automatically means I’m jealous. I hear it constantly (not just about me I mean, I hear people say it all the time to other girls) and I honestly don’t even know where that logic comes from because, me personally, if I do happen to “be jealous” of another girl the last thing I would do is act catty towards her.


5. Emotions=PMS

That every emotion we exhibit is chalked up to being PMS, because obviously women are incapable of having rational and valid emotional responses to events in our lives…


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