17 Men In Relationships Share The Telltale Signs That They Just Gave Their SO An Incredible Orgasm

via Pexels - John Rocha
via Pexels – John Rocha


She sounds like a scared person walking on very thin ice.



Her vagina will give your dick a firm congratulatory handshake then her face/chest will go flush and she will being trying to catch her breath.

If it happens during an episode of pound town you might not notice unless she is more vocal about it.



Depends on the women. Some are incredibly vocal. Some are not. A lot of times you can feel the contractions on your dick. Flushing of the face chest and back. Sometimes they will inform you in sexy groan/moan talk.



I have asked my wife to tell me. I often could not tell the difference between “almost there” panting and moaning and when she was tipping over the edge. Now I do my best to coast until she shouts or moans NOW. Then I pick up the pace and we almost always cum together. Awesome.



Generally can feel her heart pounding, breath gets more shallow with a few gasps, maybe she’ll grab you and her grip will tighten, pussy starts contracting a lot and gets tighter and tighter which has lead me to mutually climaxing at the same time which is amazing, lots of frantic kissing, blood pumping.

Intense shit.



When it looks like they need an exorcist.



We’ve been together long enough that we communicate through the whole process. Honestly, we’re probably better at communicating during sex than when we are while not having sex.



Any woman can fake an orgasm and probably fool you … if she really wants to.

Best way of knowing that it’s real is to know your woman. Cultivate a relationship of honesty with her in the bedroom. Tell her you never want her to fake it, and to always let you know both when it’s eminent and when it’s happening through her body language, moaning, or whatever.

Physically, there are a few “tells” you should come to recognize that are specific to your woman. Like snowflakes, such tells are different with every woman. However, most women’s vaginas will spasm rapidly during an orgasm. If you’re fingering her or doing PIV, you should train yourself to recognize the sensation of those spasms squeezing you.

It’s just an AWESOME ego high — at least for me — whenever I can get a woman’s vagina to spasm like that while her body writhes with pleasure!



Slightly more vocal, heavier breathing, legs twitch, light spasms, abdomen tenses, tilting of groin, tightness then loosening of vaginal muscles, relaxation, contented sounds, “oh my god”, and “that was good”, drool possibly, slurring or drunken sounding, possibly unable to speak properly, tries to say something but can’t, “you’re good at that”, “lets cuddle”, “I need to pee”.

If she does any 5+ of those, you gave her a good one.



Depends on the woman: some are obvious, some aren’t. If they tense up, their muscles contract, they lose control of their body, their legs squeeze together, they start to quiver… there are a number of ways to tell but for some women it’s more subtle and you just kinda have to learn the signs by making her cum a lot.



The vagina closes around you. For me anyways it gets really tight all the sudden almost squeezing me out but it feels awesome.



For me and the wife I can always tell if she gets off because the dog starts barking like fucking crazy. Super weird, but it happens literally every time.



She holds on for dear life.



Mine visibly shudders, sometimes doubles up into a fetal position and stares at me with a simultaneously distant and focused smile.



She becomes suddenly interested in making it good for me so I can finish and she can be done with it.



Different girls have different reactions.

Some of them tremble and giggle. Some of them moan out loud like it’s hurting them in a good way. I haven’t met a girl that didn’t do something relatively unique when she had cum.



The tiny little tells – the shifts in her voice, how the muscles in her back tense, how she slightly moves her hips to push her clit against my fingers, the face she makes, and so on and so forth.

She’s very vocal, but quietly vocal, both during sex and during orgasm. The signals she gives are subtle; and even a strong orgasm results rather in glazed eyes and winces and soft growls and shuddering, panting breathing than screaming the house down.

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