17 Men And Women Share The Awkwardly Sweet Stories Of When They Finally Got Their First Kiss

22. “Very aggressive. Definitely a ‘Well, that escalated quickly’ kind of moment. Slightly NSFW. She was a little older than me, a freshman in college, and I was a senior in high school. She was beautiful too, a well-endowed black girl with a fit and athletic body, she drove me nuts (I’m the whitest kind of person). I rode my bike down to the school during one of her breaks, and we met in an empty part of the parking lot. We’d been talking a lot during that time, and we knew we liked each other, and things were about to reach a breaking point. Something was going to happen.

I met her there, sitting on the sidewalk. We started chatting, but it didn’t last long. We were tongue kissing almost immediately, and we were making out right there in broad daylight. I could taste the Starbucks she’d been drinking, and funnily enough this was a great way to drink Starbucks, I did not dislike it. After a bit of kissing, she whipped out her breast and my mouth went right for it (remember we’re technically in public, but nobody is around to see us). A moment of that went by, and out came my penis. It was all happening so fast, I didn’t even have time to think. Her head went down, and, well, that happened. But she had to go eventually, her class was starting. She complimented me on the size of my penis, and I gave her another big wet kiss as she walked away, barely unable to let her go.

So yeah, that was my first kiss.”


23. “It was pretty alright. I was sitting in the dark next to this girl and I spent probably an actual 5 minutes or so in silence, thinking to myself repeatedly ‘You know she wants you to kiss her. You literally just have to turn your head and do it. Just turn your head and do it.’

Then I turned my head and did it and it was pretty nice. I remember realizing afterward that I really had no idea at all what it was going to feel like. What kissing was actually like was a complete surprise.”


24. “Beautiful. I was 14 and in Ireland and the girl thought I was amazing because I had an ‘accent’. Canadian here and I tell you I don’ hear an accent but nonetheless, she was a beautiful Irish lass!”



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