17 Men And Women Share The Awkwardly Sweet Stories Of When They Finally Got Their First Kiss

18. “In kindergarten my friend told me his dad was in the Gulf War and I told him that I was glad his dad was okay. Then we kissed and my teacher had to call my parents.”


19. “Kissing gf after school when a rubber band in my braces snapped. Since we both had braces it felt like some serious metal broke.”


20. “She hugged me and then stared at me, giving me a tap on the back. I knew from her expression that she wanted me to kiss her. This was our 2nd date, and she was the only girl I had ever dated. I said ‘Umm. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ She replies “If I am, I’m gonna need to take my glasses off.’

I missed. I fucking missed. Went for a couple more kisses and it was all good. I was slightly shaking from nerves and it turns out some friends had seen (she was leaving a party we went to) and were cheering me on.”


21. “I got a slight concussion. He tried to surprise by coming behind and grabbing my hand, spinning me around and dipping me. Too bad there was a bookcase behind me that I hit my head on on the way down, and again when he freaked out that I hit my head and yanked me back up. This is the same guy who cheated on me, got the girl pregnant, and then asked/told me I should pay child support because I didn’t put out (I was 15) and that’s why he had to go out and cheat on me.”



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