17 Men And Women Share The Awkwardly Sweet Stories Of When They Finally Got Their First Kiss

9. “My now girlfriend and I were not dating, but were watching TV shows slightly drunk on my bed, when she starts tickling me. I tickle back and we play-wrestle. Our faces lean in closer – she then kisses me and we engage in full out tongue and face eating for 20 minutes. She then tells me I’m her boyfriend and have no say in the matter.”


10. “Intense. This was the girl I’d had a crush on for a couple years. We had just confessed our feelings over text while she was out of town, and when she got back she came up to my room. She sat down on my bed, and I went over to her and we kept scooting closer and closer to each other. She ended up with her head in my lap looking right up into my eyes like we both couldn’t believe this was happening. (I don’t think a single word had been spoken from the moment I opened the door, but I did have some mellow indie music on.) I went down and kissed her forehead then her nose then finally her lips. Honestly surprised I didn’t OD from the rush of dopamine released in that moment.”


11. “Moved during high school. I refused to make friends and was a loner until I got to college. I decided to turn shit around then. I went zero to sixty. First college party, some girl threw me on the couch, whipped out her tits and told me to suck on her nipples. After a minute or so of that, we made out for like an hour.”


12. “Oh wow, my first kiss was with my best friend from next door. We were fourteen. I told him I had a date with a girl from our class. I didn’t want to appear inexperienced so I wondered how I could practice the kiss beforehand. He just leaned forward and planted a wet one on my face. With open mouth. And tongue. Not bad actually. I was so shocked I drooled all over him.”



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