17 Men And Women Share The Awkwardly Sweet Stories Of When They Finally Got Their First Kiss

5. “I was 14 and had a crush on this boy for months. He came over and we were watching Mad TV and he kisses me. I was elated. We made out a few times, and then he went home. Later that night he tells me “I shouldn’t have done that”. He asked my best friend out a few days later. And thus began a long string of awful relationships.”


6. “I was 15 and this boy and I liked each other, but we’d been beating around the bush for a few weeks. Just kind of giggling and dropping hints while all our friends egged us on.

There was a nerdy after school club that we were both part of that was held once a week in the library, and as soon as I arrived, he pulled me aside to ask if we could “talk.” We went away from our friend group and sat in between some of the bookshelves in the fiction section (I remember that very specifically). I was completely dense and had no idea what he could possibly want to talk about. He tried dropping hints and I wasn’t picking them up, so he finally asked me out and I said yes.

Then he went in for a kiss, but instead of leaning in all romantically, he sort of just lunged at me with his face. I’m very jumpy and his sudden movement scared me. So I bit him. On the face. Hard. Then I felt terrible, so I leaned in, kissed him really fast, then got up and ran away.”


7. “Both of us had our lips completely closed and just held it for like 5 seconds. We both laughed afterwards. It was as innocent and awkward as you can imagine.”


8. “Oh god his dad was in the front seat of the car driving us and this kid just stuck his whole damn tongue in my mouth hoooork.”



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