17 Men And Women Share The Awkwardly Sweet Stories Of When They Finally Got Their First Kiss

via Unsplash - Greg Rakozy
via Unsplash – Greg Rakozy

1. “I was so in love I almost died of a heart attack when my lips kissed theirs.”


2. “Third date with a girl I really liked. 2nd date was on Sunday; on Monday at work, I read about a meteor shower happening Thursday night. Texted the girl and asked if she wanted to go, she was in!

Thursday night, I pick her up around 9:00, and drive us out to the lake. I lay out a sleeping bag and an extra comforter I brought (it was mid-late October, so it was a bit chilly). We laid down and watched the stars, and chatted, and eventually we weren’t watching the sky anymore because we were staring at each other, slowly drifting closer. Eventually she closed the distance and kissed me.

Easily one of the best nights of my life. Also, I was 21 at the time; she thought it was really sweet that I was her first kiss (probably also why she had to make the first move, I was pretty nervous haha).”


3. “First kiss ever, unexpected, slobbery, biting, unwilling, and bad. First kiss with current SO, also weird, but sweet and cute.”


4. “I was sitting next to a girl in our computer class while we watched a movie of some sort. We had been friends, but I never thought of her sexually before. Were just sitting there kinda goofing off, pinching each other and stuff when I whispered a joke in her ear. That’s when our noses somehow touched and we did that thing where it looks like two people have magnets in their faces. How magnets kinda push and pull at each other at the same time and we couldn’t help but kiss. It didn’t last very long, maybe 2 or 3 seconds, but I felt like I was on drugs immediately.

We spent the rest of class just looking at each other, blushing, smiling, wanting to do it again. We started dating immediately. The first date went from kissing to butt naked in parents living room.

Alas, she got back with her ex a few days later. Those few days were a passionate affair if there ever was one, but the spark faded as quickly as it began.”


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