21 Women Who Got Pregnant From Casual Sex Reveal What It Was Like To Keep The Baby And Why They Did It

Sometimes casual sex can lead to an unexpected family and serious life changes.

17. Baby Daddy Met Son Twice

I got pregnant from a casual FWB. He also got his girlfriend pregnant in the same week. Their baby died at 9 days old. I kept my son and he is 14 years old now. Baby Daddy has met my son twice, once for the DNA test and one time shortly after. My son was 6 months old at that time.

We talked 4 years ago when my son was 10. He said he wasn’t ready to meet my son. I told him if he wasn’t ready after a decade he never would be. Haven’t heard from him since. My son has 2 living sisters by him though and I’d like for him to know them but my son wants nothing to do with his bio dad, my ex husband is his real dad he says. My ex has been in his life since he was 9 months old.


18. Kept The Baby Because She Might Not Have The Chance Again

I had a child from an impetuous one night stand with a stranger when I was 21. I kept the baby because I had wanted a child, although not necessarily under those circumstances; also, I had a diagnosis of compromised fertility so it wasn’t a sure bet I’d get pregnant again down the track. I also was opposed to abortion for myself, although I still supported legal abortion.

I had recently broken an engagement and both my ex and I had flings afterwards… But because I was visibly pregnant, I was the one whose fling was visible. So it was assumed I broke my ex’s heart. The truth is we were both at fault and he was a pretty shitty partner. Most of the time, we kept the breakup civil, and we both maintained a dignified silence about blame to outsiders, but people made up their own minds anyway.

Anyway, I had the baby, and my ex committed suicide (not really because of me – he was facing a completely separate, and far bigger life crisis by then – although he did throw one barb my way in the suicide note). So that intensified the blame and killed most of my remaining friendships – I couldn’t get anyone to be with me when I had the baby. So we started out with very few social supports. I was on my last subject of my degree and my institution was completely inflexible about it, so I had to do an equivalent subject at another institution instead. It sucked. Once my degree was done I basically severed all ties with everyone I knew before I had the baby and started from scratch.

But I finished my degree, we got by, I worked at home in the dot com boom. I managed to restart my career. Married a good man, a divorced parent at my son’s school, when my son was eleven. He adopted my son, and I helped raise his. I advanced to a senior management career and did two more degrees. My kids are young adults now, good ones with good futures, and we have a good life.


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