21 Women Who Got Pregnant From Casual Sex Reveal What It Was Like To Keep The Baby And Why They Did It

Sometimes casual sex can lead to an unexpected family and serious life changes.

14. “Beautiful” Guy Becomes Horrible Father

I got knocked up by a one night stand who was a casual friend. He was beautiful but I was going through a divorce and not looking for anything serious.

He didn’t want a child but I chose to keep the baby.

He was an asshole and threaten to take the baby from me and give it up for adoption so he didn’t have to pay child support.

He payed sporadically and I raised the baby on my own.

When my son was 5 my now husband adopted him and the bio dad (who lived 15 minutes away the whole time) couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough.

But it all worked out in the end. Yes it was hard for many years, but I have a wonderful son and now he has an amazing father and a little sister to dote on.

I was on birth control when I got pregnant.


15. Pro-Choice But Couldn’t Choose To Abort

Currently pregnant from a person I met on OKCupid. We were seeing each other as a brief thing before they left the country.

Things have been…tense. We have a lot of different ideas about child-rearing, muddled by our political views (which are similar, surprisingly, or at least were until they went full patriarchal on me) and racial backgrounds (brown people, but he really wants me to move to a safer country because our child will be black and Middle Eastern, and he thinks that’s a bad combo for living in a Trump America.) But we Skype once a week to get to know each other better and we’re figuring it out.

It’s hard, but I’ve had a physically easy pregnancy so far and though don’t have close family I have good friends. Work is super awkward – most of my co-workers are very religious, but never ask me about my pregnancy as I’m unmarried. And it’s actually kinda hurtful because another co-worker is a week further along than me and she gets asked about her health and the baby all the time but nope. Ignore ignore ignore.

I decided to keep the baby because, ultimately, I’m pro-choice but couldn’t choose abortion for myself. And though it’s a scary time to be a brown person in America I didn’t want fear to stop me from imagining a better future for my child and others.


16. Came Close To Not Telling The Father

I got pregnant from the guy I dated in high school. We hooked up on a VERY casual basis when we were 20, after breaking up at 18. I came very close to not telling him about the pregnancy and wish I had stuck to that decision- the custody situation has been very difficult (due to his parents insistence he be involved). My son is almost ten and I still think about what would have happened had I not told him/said he wasn’t his. He’s not a bad dad, I just never planned for him to be involved. And sometimes I feel like he wishes he wasn’t either.


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