21 Women Who Got Pregnant From Casual Sex Reveal What It Was Like To Keep The Baby And Why They Did It

Sometimes casual sex can lead to an unexpected family and serious life changes.

12. All Her Friends Disappeared Once She Had The Baby

I became pregnant with my daughter with my boyfriend of a month. I was dating him casually, although we were exclusive. I thought he was just going to be a “fun” relationship and not be anything serious. I took a pregnancy test not because I thought I was pregnant, but because I just happened to find one and had that natural thought of “Well, I don’t think I’m pregnant but you can never be too sure.” To say it was a shock would be an understatement. I never wanted children and my first thought was having an abortion. I told my boyfriend and he was fine with the abortion idea but then I wavered a bit and decided not to. He was on board since he had always wanted children and apparently would have preferred I keep it.

Our relationship was shit after that. I was living with him and he moved out to the couch because all we would do is fight. I wanted him to grow up and stop being a lazy do nothing and he wanted to go out and drink all the time. Basically we were maturing at different paces. I feel so bad for our old roommates looking back but at the time I just didn’t care because we were going through some shit. It didn’t help that I had an extreme case of hyperemesis gravidarum so I was vomiting a bare minimum of 10 times a day and kept ending up in the hospital with dehydration. My mood didn’t improve with this.

We moved into our own place when I was about 7 months pregnant, I found out he had kissed some other girl and shit hit the fan. We finally worked out things, relationship-wise after our baby shower. One thing I have to say is that he never didn’t care about our daughter. He would read anything I sent him, we would read the weekly updates together regardless of how we were doing personally, he worked to buy things for her, he was great in regards to her.

I told my friends and family right after we found out. Three of our other friends were also pregnant so there was a little preggy tribe of us. They were all still going to the bar every night though and partying. Most didn’t stop drinking or doing other things while pregnant and that just wasn’t my scene so we lost touch. No one judged us for getting pregnant, until we stopped hanging out at the bar and hosting parties.

People weren’t too judgy. I’m from New England and we live in Florida so I think I was more judging of myself than anyone was of me. It seems more the norm down here.

Overall it all worked out. I wouldn’t trade my daughter for the world. She’s a smart and beautiful little 2 year old now. My then boyfriend is now my husband. He got his shit together and is almost done with his degree in Homeland Security at a fantastic university and has great job prospects lined up. I was able to be a stay at home mom with our daughter and take care of my pre-existing medical issues. It all worked out. I love my husband more than anyone and we are amazing at communication now, which we really struggled with during my pregnancy.


13. Dating Three Months

My old roommate got pregnant by a guy she had only known and been pretty casually dating for 3 months. He was actually really awesome about it and was great to have around the house that semester. They got married shortly after she found out, and 3 years later they’re still together. Old roommate also recently finished her degree too!!

Everyone was really surprised and worried for them when we found out she’d be keeping it, but honestly I think it’s been a really really good thing for both of them. She had been going from school to school with no real direction and he was a stoner who was just doing random odd jobs, now they’re working hard and they seem to be really great parents. We’re all very happy for them!!


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