18 Women Reveal The X Factor That Turns A Boring Sexual Encounter Into A Mindblowingly Amazing One

15. Chemistry Of Every Kind

Not being treated like an object. I want chemistry, emotionally and physically. I want them to be able to make me laugh and also make my eyes roll back in my head. Just want to feel good. I want them to feel good too and make them feel satisfied. Basically an enjoyable-not awkward experience for us both.


16. Dirty Talk

Talking. Both dirty talking and communication in general. I like to be told when my partner is really enjoying something, and when they’re not and want me to do something different. Talking about fantasies openly and honestly, even if they’re weird (especially if they’re weird?) is hot.


17. He Needs To Communicate And Listen

Communication! It’s the most important. I’ve met guys who think it’s sexy not to talk at all. I’m not into that at all. I need the communication to feel safe and comfortable. I need to know they’re hearing me and care about my wishes and feelings.

I told a guy once that he was being too rough and his response was “don’t worry, I’ll be done soon”. :/


18. A Man Who Truly Loves Women

A partner who truly loves women, not one who tolerates them for the sake of getting his dick wet. You can always tell when you get someone who finds women’s ideas AND bodies fascinating and irresistible. Also, I want a partner who cares if I get off, even if it’s not from his dick. Just once, I would like the situation to end with both partners equally satisfied.

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