18 Women Reveal The X Factor That Turns A Boring Sexual Encounter Into A Mindblowingly Amazing One

12. Enthusiasm Can’t Be Faked

Mutual attraction and enthusiasm! Orgasm isn’t necessary (but nice). Openness to feedback is also good. My only good one night stand had all these qualities.


13. Tease Me

Emotional connection, and foreplay/teasing. Lots and lots and lots of foreplay and teasing.


14. Dominate Me, Now

Definitely domination in the heat of passion. I wanna be thrown face down on the bed or pushed up against the wall, panties pulled down as he teases me. I want to be kissed roughly, have my hair gently pulled, my ass spanked, my neck love bitten. I want my breasts grabbed and to be talked dirty to while being ravished.

Ugh, that shit makes me melt.



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