18 Women Reveal The X Factor That Turns A Boring Sexual Encounter Into A Mindblowingly Amazing One

8. Mutuality

Mutual pleasure (if we both want that), one or more orgasms for me, having my boundaries respected, having the way I orgasm and the sex acts that feel good on me being treated as completely equal to whatever makes the other person orgasm/feel good – rather than what I like being treated as foreplay that leads up to a “main act”. Having all sexual acts seen as sex by the other person, as I already see them that way, instead of only seeing penetration on me (if they have a penis they want to use) as “real sex”. Both of us feeling good about what happened and feeling satisfied, whatever that means to either of us, when we’re done.

Generally that results in a sexual encounter feeling good and worth it, to me. It may sound like a lot (not to me, but hey), but in fact it’s all really simple and easy to fulfill with someone I’m sexually compatible with/who views sex the same way I do.


9. Make Me Feel Like A Goddess

I want my partner to think I am the hottest and sexist creature they have ever touched. Make me feel like it’s about how much you want me.


10. Sex Is Best When It’s Fun

At least some laughter. I like sex to be fun, not intense or emotionally charged.


11. Burritos Or No Deal

Intimacy and enthusiasm are so important. But also, would it kill you to bring me out for a burrito after? Post-coital manners are also important.



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