18 Women Reveal The X Factor That Turns A Boring Sexual Encounter Into A Mindblowingly Amazing One

5. Respect Me, Treasure Me, Dominate Me

Passion. I want someone to kiss me like they’re drowning and I’m air. I want them to touch me with reverence. I want them to look into my eyes while we make love and tell me afterwards how they changed color. I want them to hold me like I’m some precious, delicate thing, but fuck me with the wild abandon of a man who’s finally able to lose control, and unleash himself. I want to be pinned down and kissed softly on the lips, neck, and chest. I want to be respected, treasured, but also dominated.


6. Respect My Boundaries, Care About My O

Multiple orgasms, exploration, open-mindedness. I would ideally want to be with someone who cares about my orgasm just as much as theirs. If I say no to a particular thing in the bedroom, they don’t try and force it, or guilt-trip.


7. Breast Play Does The Trick

Breast play and lots of it. Small boobs need love too. Sure my ass is great, but it doesn’t have the potential that my breasts do.



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