18 Women Reveal The X Factor That Turns A Boring Sexual Encounter Into A Mindblowingly Amazing One

via Pexels
via Pexels

1. Mad Passionate Love

I want to make mad passionate love. To feel close and get lost in the sensations. To feel and be felt with no concern about the outcome. That happens naturally if we let it. I learned to relax my mind, not worry about how my body looks or feels to him and get lost in the passion. Over the years I’ve seen the effect internet porn has had on sex and it’s not good. The spontaneity and passion have been replaced with performance and procedure. Too sterile for me.


2. A Strong Emotional Connection

I want a strong emotional connection, to feel like we’re the only two people in the world, not to feel pressured to orgasm or that I’m rushed, not to feel judged for my body, I want to matter and I want her to feel wanted and important too.


3. Playfulness

Playfulness, exploration, intimacy, and pleasure.


4. He Just Has To Make An Effort

Feeling that I’m respected as a person or individual, making an effort to please me as well as himself, making an effort to figure out what that is and listening when I tell him.


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