14 Women Reveal The Most Fucked Up Comments Men Have Made About Their Vagina

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via Lookcatalog

1. Vaginas Are Gross

No way am I going down on you! Vaginas are GROSS!

Yet, he was surprised when I never spoke to him again…


2. Your Clit Is Too Small

My first boyfriend tried to complain that my clit was “too small.” I never did figure out what he was actually trying to complain about – it worked just as advertised, and it’s not like we were going to fly flags on the thing, you know? Like, what else precisely were you looking to have it do?


3. It’s Like A Micropenis

My boyfriend gave me a….compliment? about my clit saying “Wow, this is the biggest clit I’ve ever seen, it’s like a little penis.” Thanks bro, that is totally not a compliment. He said it with awe and wonder though so I can’t take it too personally.

Also, it isn’t even close to a little penis, maybe like a newborn’s penis.


4. Meat Curtains

Yes. He called me meat curtains. I didn’t see him after that.


5. You Look Like A Real Woman

Yeah, I’ve had a few guys comment before that I don’t look like the women in porn/other women they’ve been with.


6. “Thank God”

Yes, one. He didn’t say anything at first, but looked obviously put off. He later told me my labia weirded him out. I mentioned at one point that I plan to eventually get labiaplasty (I’ve wanted labiaplasty since puberty, mainly for physical comfort). One day when we were in bed, he said, “You said you were going to get surgery on that, right?” I said yes and he said “Thank god.”


7. Ugly

He told me my vagina was the ugliest he had ever seen. I being a 16 year old girl at the time just cried my eyes out and kept that comment with me until I met my wonderful husband.


8. Weird And Too Dark

Yes, he told me my genitals were weird, too big and too dark. I was in an abusive relationship, and he wanted my genitals to look like porn or at least pink like many white women’s.

I still think my vulva sucks thanks to that, and society and porn telling me it sucks too.


9. Gross Vulva

I was 16 and met him online in a chat room where I used to spend a LOT of time. (It was the late 90s, the Internet was new-ish.) We didn’t sleep together because he couldn’t, erm, ya know. He was super embarrassed and I told him it was no big deal etc. We watched tv instead and I thought we had a good time. Then I went to the chat room where we had met a couple of days later and he had told everyone that my vulva was huge and gross. It messed me up because I was young and impressionable, but everyone was like, “Yeah okay whatever” and moved on. He talked about it for years. Literally years. And he also did it to one other person. So he made it pretty clear to everyone that he’s a psycho with issues.


10. She Showed So Much Restraint

“Beef curtains”.

We got divorced. Never, at any point, did I criticize his tiny penis.


11. “Landing Strip”

I had spent about 1000$ to get laser hair removal to obtain the ideal hairless body. He commented ” grow a landing strip’ I cant grow anything of the sort.


12. “Too Wet”

My ex told me I was “too wet”.


13. A Cute Butthole

A lover once insulted my vagina, and I’m kind of paranoid about it now.

I do occasionally check out my pink bits with a mirror. I guess it’s pretty nice looking as far as pussies go…but what am I looking for. Pink? Nice hat?

The biggest surprise was my butthole. I thought it’d be this gross brown hairy thing that devours worlds and stuff…but nah. Tiny pink little butthole, and it’s as cute as a butthole can be.


14. “Floppy And Gross”

Yeah, one of my ex bfs asked why my vagina was so “floppy and gross.” Even though my inner labia are only about 2 cm longer than my outer labia, and I find all vulvas attractive personally, I was humiliated (self esteem issues), and to this day i have issues with my current bf touching me any lower than my clit, or going down on me, or looking at my V in any way.

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