31 Men And Women Reveal The Absolute Filthiest Thing Anyone’s Ever Said To Them

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1. “‘God I hate the fact that I can’t even look at your fingers without wishing they were inside of me.’ Whispered by a colleague in the middle of the office. We’d been hooking up for a little while.”


2. “‘I’ve been touching myself all day thinking about you fucking me against the wall last night.’

Boners at work are very pesky.”


3. “The first time I ever heard a girl say ‘I want you inside me’ will always be the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard.”


4. “‘I want you to cum inside me.’ I love saying it, but I don’t want my partners to think I’m trying to get pregnant.”


5. The guy who taught me that I am in fact a squirter/multipler… I honestly think he was trying to make me pass out sometimes (he succeeded once) just from fingering me. One particular night I’d orgasmed I don’t know how many times, I was spent. I turned around and gasped out, ‘I’m good! I can’t! I can’t cum anymore!’ I was all waving him off me trying to lay down.

He leaned over my shoulder, grabbed my arm and whispered in my ear, ‘Yes you can.’ and pushed me back down again.

I came again immediately. He was so fucking cocky it was ridiculous. And he always knew if I really had another one left in me or not.”


6. “Over text:

‘What do you want to do tonight?’

‘Fuck you. Make dinner. Fuck you again. Snuggle.’

Felt good knowing she was serious.”


7. “Furiously making out with a girl in my bed. I keep trying to make moves to take off garments. Get rejected every time, but the intensity of the tonsil hockey keeps increasing. Finally ask her ‘what do you want?’

‘Your cock in my mouth.’ What followed was one of the best and most cock-hungry blowjobs I’ve ever received.”


8. “This one time, I’m on my back, in bed, with a naked girl on top of me. We’d been hooking up for a little while. She’s straddling me and holding my cock firmly with one hand, close enough so the tip of me is just barely pressing against her pussy.

She strokes me a few times with one hand, rakes her nails down my chest with another, slips me inside of her and when the very last inch of my cock is in, she whimpers and says ‘Oh my god, oh my god *moan* you’re in all of me.’ It took all the self-control I had not to cum right then, before she even so much as wiggled her hips.”


9. “‘You’re so wet.’ Just makes me even wetter.”


10. “My fwb said ‘I’m coming over but ill only have 5 mins.’ We did the deed and she gave me a high five and flashed me as she walked out of my apartment.”


11. “‘Wow, your penis is beautiful.’

It had been called many things, but never that. And she was 6 years older than me, so that somehow made it even better.”


12. “‘I want you to come in my mouth.’

As long as I live, that will forever be my go-to happy place.”


13. “‘You should have let me taste it,’ after I couldn’t take it anymore and came on her back. The next time I ensured this request was fulfilled.”


14. “When I was 20 and having breakfast with my first serious girlfriend, she abruptly declared ‘I need to fuck you in the kitchen!’ She almost seemed troubled by it. The combination of her sudden realization, that nonchalant yet determined attitude, and especially the use of the word “need” sent me into a groping/kissing/ravaging frenzy. She needs this! I had to fulfill her desire! My girlfriend seemed really confused, but went along with the brazen spirit of my table-based conquest.

There was a large woven rug beneath said table that had accumulated crumbs throughout the week. I’m not sure how long after the deed it was that I figured out she had actually said ‘I need to vacuum the kitchen,’ but neither of us ever regretted this mistranslation.”


15. “He had smoothly maneuvered me onto my back after we’d been making out for a while (with me straddling him on the bed). He had undressed me almost completely at this point, save for a hot pink pair of lacy panties.

He then starts sliding my panties down over my hips and down my thighs and he says, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, did you need these?’ in this really self-assured, cocky tone of voice. You could almost hear the smirk on his face. Holy hell, every time I think back to it I get a jolt in my stomach.”


16. “A Swiss girl: ‘ich komme’. I’ll cherish that moment till the day I die.”


17. “Was dating a girl at my old job (we were just in the dating phase at this point). It was cubicle life. The girl and I sat 2 aisles away from each other. It was a busy call-center.

She sends me a corporate IM and says ‘check your phone.’

I look down and see a text from her.

It was like a Wednesday, 11:20AM, in April. Everything about the day, time, and what was going on was pretty insignificant. It was just business as usual in the middle of the workweek with no exciting holidays coming up so it was 5 days/week the weeks before and 5 days/week for the coming weeks after.

I look down at my phone and I see the text from her, ‘I can’t wait to take you home and play with you, for hours. I’ve just been thinking about fucking you since the meeting this morning and I’ve been so wet since then.’

Just imagining her on the phone, arguing with angry customers, putting on an act with everyone ‘hi! how are you?’ all the bullshit of the workday, with wet fucking panties… waiting… excited to see me, really turned me on!”


18. “While going down on me ‘I love the way you taste’ then continuing for almost an hour. Best.Night.Ever.”


19. “I was hanging out with a girl for the second time. We are furiously making out, clothes come off, and lots of heavy petting, but nothing progresses further (her choice). I realize I have to wake up in 2 hours for work. I get dressed, while she is just in her panties.

I notice it is raining outside, and I say something along the lines of her putting on a shirt so she didn’t get wet. She takes my hand, puts it in her crotch, and whispers in my ear: ‘But you already made me wet.'”


20. “Making out, lots of foreplay, and just about to start having the sex, when my wife looks up at me and says ‘Do you hate me?’

Me, confused: ‘Uh, no. I love you.’

‘Tell me you hate me.’

‘I…hate you?’

‘Now fuck me like you hate me.'”


21. “When I was about to cum my boyfriend sternly said ‘look at me’ with a really husky voice…I melted.”


22. “Good girl.”



“Took home a girl from the bar (classy, I know). After some heavy petting she laid on the bed on her back, letting her head drop off the side and said, ‘Come fuck my face, I want to choke on you.'”


24. “My ex-girlfriend was a bartender (a fucking hot one), and told a few of her female co-workers, right in front of me, ‘All he has to do is look at me and I get wet.’ She then came over and put my hand against her inner thigh (she had little shorts on) and I could feel it dripping down her leg.”


25. “I had taken off my dress for the first time with a new beau and he just sat back and looked at me for a minute before saying ‘Now that’s how a woman should be shaped.’

I was not as body-confident about my curves (I got them birthin’ hips) as I am now, so hearing that just made my knees go weak…”


26. “I was really nervous about cumming during sex, which I had never done before. My boyfriend knew this and was very sweet about it which led to the hottest and sexiest moment in my life…

We were having sex in bed like usual, missionary, and it was still making me nervous and I kept apologizing for not being able to finish. He then moved carefully to his side so we were facing each other and he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me close. He was kissing me softly on my face and whispered, ‘Who are you with?’ and I smiled and said, ‘You.’ and he kept building me up closer to orgasm.

But I wasn’t as nervous because every so often he’d whisper something comforting like, ‘Look at me sweetheart. Focus honey.’ and when I was about to cum I was still nervous and he held me close and said, ‘It’s okay honey, just let it go.’ and when I was done the best line, ‘Good girl.’

Best. Sex. Ever.”


27. “A girl I hadn’t seen in a while calls me up late one Friday night and says, ‘I’m a little drunk and I desperately need to cum. My toys and fingers aren’t working. Nothing make me cum like your dick, please come over and put it in me. You don’t have to stay or even talk, just fuck me.’

The way she said it was so hot I nearly finished right there on the phone.”


28. “As I was getting a blowjob.. ‘no don’t tell me when you’re cumming – I want to swallow it and keep going.’



29. “Hooking up with a girl I had been flirting with for a long time. We both knew we were really attracted to each other. Heavy make-out session ensues, clothes come off.

In the middle of fucking, she wraps her legs around me and grabs my face, gives me the most intense stare imaginable and commands: ‘Fuck me like you paid for it.’

I’ve never come so hard in my life.”


30. “I want you to fuck my throat.”


31. “A girl invited me over to her place after we went out for a night. I had wanted to hook up with her for months, so the sexual tension was off the charts. I was hard just sitting in her room while we were talking. In the middle of conversation, she stood up, walked to her door, and locked it. She turned around slowly, one hand still on the door lock, and said, ‘So how long have you been waiting for this?'”

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