19 People Who Didn’t Believe In Romance On The One Epic Date That Changed Their Mind

18. The 72 Hour Date

This first date ended up lasting about 72 hours… He was house sitting for his parents and tried to have a bunch of people out to hang. I was the only one that could go. We’d only ever hung out in groups but had been sorta flirty. I went anyway.

We went on a hike, cooked dinner, watched football, drank two bottles of wine… Great date vibe! Then decided the hot tub sounded nice. Didn’t have my suit, so opted to get in naked. Still hadn’t kissed or anything…

2am comes around and my stupid drunk adventurous self insisted on getting in the treehouse. It had two levels and I climbed up to the tallest part. We finally kiss in the treehouse. Yay giddy! It’s cold and late and I tried to climb down with a headlamp……. Missed a step. Fell off the edge, about 8-9 feet. Hit the ground, rolled down a hill (through poison ivy. Naked). I was freaking out – convinced I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes. He jumps out of the treehouse, makes sure I’m not paralyzed, helps me get back to the house. Head is bleeding, back is spasming.

Call 911. End up in the ER with two fractured vertebrae and 8 staples in my head. I plead with him to not feel like he has to stay (even though I totally wanted him to). He does.

Spent 3 days in the hospital… He brought me pizza and books and company. Helped me get home and brought me food and binge watched shitty Netflix since I was immobile for like two weeks.

Been together 3 years next week :)


19. Friends That Found Love

I knew this girl for several years, we were friends in college while both seeing other people (or one of us was, or… etc. The timing was just always off). Was always interested, but we were good friends and that worked.

Anyway, fast forward several years, talked or saw each other on occasion but not frequently, she asks me if I want to meet up on St Patrick’s day and hang out for the evening. Long term friends at that point, and I’d met her boyfriend several times, so thought nothing of it – Her boyfriend traveled for work sometimes, or maybe he’d meet up with us later.

Turned out they’d parted ways some time prior (it’d been probably 6 months since we talked), it was definitely her nervously asking me out, and once I got the hint – it didn’t take all that long – we had a great night. Listened to a bunch of music, drank probably slightly too much, went home, watched a movie, slept (separately, still a slightly awkward “long-time friends or maybe….” type thing), and spent the entire next day hanging out and catching up, and basically confirming that this was a really good idea.

We got engaged a few months ago, will be getting married next year.

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