19 People Who Didn’t Believe In Romance On The One Epic Date That Changed Their Mind

15. Noodles And Cards At 4AM

Not really a date more of a first encounter. I went back to a friends house after a night out (same student accommodation) and met this girl, we talked for a bit across the room, I was shuffling cards as people were leaving the room to go to bed or smoke and she got up, I assumed she was leaving. Instead she came over and asked if I wanted to play a game of cards. I said sure, another guy waltz into the room and starts cooking noodles as she teaches me a card game.

So it’s basically me and her playing cards at 4 am in someone else’s house (she was a neighbour) and one of the guys who lives there sitting beside us eating noodles out of a pot.


16. Her Smile

Ice cream and Lays at a park. I was 9. It’s all I could afford at the end of the month. But I still remember her smile.


17. “I Had Never Been On A Date Like That”

The first date I had with my fiance. While it was a bit awkward like any first date could be, it was so classic and cute I still grin about it to this day. I got his number from a mutual friend I work with and within the first day of texting him he asked me out to breakfast. When we met we sat at the counter of the diner, chatted, drank coffee. After that we went for a short walk through the town we live in, and looked at some of the booths at the farmer’s market. By then it was noon so we walked back to the bar in town and had a couple drinks. He walked me back to my car and we hugged good-bye and I told him to text me again soon. We didn’t even kiss that was for our second date. I was so giddy on the way home because I had never been on a date like that, all of my previous relationships were “hangout” relationships. You know, “come over and hang out we’ll smoke some weed,” or “wanna hang out this weekend and drink some beer?” So a real courtship was such a breath of fresh air.



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