19 People Who Didn’t Believe In Romance On The One Epic Date That Changed Their Mind

13. A Crush That Came Together

Technically can’t be considered our first date because there was the time before this that we hung out one on one, and the time after this was the first time we were actually dating. But it’s a cute story.

So. Guy best friend, younger than me, I’ve just graduated high school. We know we like each other but we’re keeping it just friends because we don’t think it will work out with me leaving for college. But it’s a weird friends with mild benefits thing, we hold hands and cuddle. I go over to his house and we walk around the park by his house.

We go to his favorite spot and he says “I always thought I would bring my girlfriend here when I was older.” I was a little freaked out like dude I’m not your girlfriend, but I didn’t say it. After that we go back to his house and we hang out in the media room, both of us in one recliner, not watching TV or anything, just chilling and cuddling. He says “is it bad that I wanna kiss you?” and I, in my brilliance and trying to be logical, say “yeah probably.” So then of course we both sit there panicking, and I’m kicking myself for refusing a kiss from the guy I’ve liked for months.

I start saying it’s okay, and he said thanks and I was like “no it’s okay to kiss me.” The rest of the afternoon was comprised of a good deal of making out. We’ve been dating for a more than a year now.


14. Milkshakes

My boyfriend and I met on Tinder back in college, and after a few hours of messaging back and forth decided we should hang out. It was fall break but we were still on campus and both very bored. I drove over to his apartment with two Cookout milkshakes (NC represent) and we sat on his couch and talked from midnight to 9 am. He didn’t even try to kiss me or anything–we sat on opposite sides of the couch and hung out all night. Texted for a few weeks, hung out around Halloween and started dating the next week. Been together ever since, and I think it’s because our first date was hardly that. I’ve never felt so immediately comfortable around anyone else, and doubt I ever will.



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