19 People Who Didn’t Believe In Romance On The One Epic Date That Changed Their Mind

10. When Tinder Got It Right

Met up with a guy from tinder after moving to a new city. Went for a couple of drinks before heading to a movie – turns out I got the time wrong and we’d missed it, making me look like a prat. Went to a few more bars until my card got declined and he had to buy the drinks, which again made me look like a prat.

I suggested that I could repay him with a drink back at my flat… The rest of the night is a bit blurry but we’re still together two years later so it must’ve been a good one!


11. Forbidden Love

Went to a restaurant in the city, had to sneak out due to my mother’s cult religion. The waiter didn’t card me so my girl and I smoked and drank coffee and talked for hours. She was two years older than me, I was a freshman in high school. We then walked downtown and made out on the waterfront.


12. After Hours

Knocked it out of the park with someone that I’m still friends with. We went on one date to just sort of see if it could happen, but both decided we weren’t compatible.

Was the kitchen manager at a restaurant.

Surprised the girl by taking her to my restaurant after close. Had set up some Christmas lights, put flowers and candles on the tables, hooked good music up to the intercom system, and cooked her a killer pasta dish.

She had never been on a real first date. All her boyfriends had sort of been friends that moved into the significant other circle so they never felt the need to do anything other than the movie and dinner classic. So she was really surprised and impressed.

Until she got married, she used that date as the high bar. I’m friends with her husband, even he says she still brings it up.



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