19 People Who Didn’t Believe In Romance On The One Epic Date That Changed Their Mind

7. By The Fish Tank

We went to a Chinese restaurant and sat by the cheap fish tank. He told me the names of all the fish over lo mein. He forgot his wallet so I had to pay. We didn’t kiss but I think we hugged, awkwardly, in the parking lot, and then again on my mom’s doorstep when he dropped me off.

We’ve been married six and a half years now.


8. Cuddling At Dick’s Sporting Goods

Drove 30 minutes to the mall, she watched me eat shitty Chinese food because she wasn’t hungry (bought her a soda which I then drank half of), then we went to Dicks, found a hammock on display and cuddled for two hours while I talked shit about her friends, drove her back to her parents’ house, they invited me inside, they talked to me for an hour about my plans for the future (and showed me baby pictures), then we went upstairs and watched tv, kept a foot of space between us for fear her dad would walk in, she walked me out, went for the kiss, realized her dad could see, panicked and settled on a side hug. Left her standing on her lawn looking puzzled and slightly disappointed.

Ladies and gentlemen, my girlfriend is a saint.


9. Kayaking

My first date with my college girlfriend of five years was great. We went kayaking on a bunch of connected lakes, and we somehow got lost. We were stuck in this small town with barely any places to eat, so we bought whiskey and marshmallows to roast in the woods. I remember wading in this small stream when she pulled me in and kissed me. We slept in our double kayak and the next morning, the lake patrol (or something like that) brought us back to campus. There was a second date equally as adventurous as that. Even after we broke up, she’s still my friend.



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