19 People Who Didn’t Believe In Romance On The One Epic Date That Changed Their Mind

4. An Actual Hammock

I invited her over to my place in the afternoon. I made us some food and we spent about 8 hours just talking and getting to know each other. Then we laid outside in the hammock together and stared at the stars and made pictures out of the clouds. I drove her home late that night and we had our first kiss at her front door.

Kinda cliche but it was absolutely perfect. Instant chemistry, got to know each other, cuddled in a hammock under a starry summer night sky, and ended with our first kiss.


5. On Acid

I was on acid. He didn’t know. When he told his son to go to bed (the date was going quite well) his son tried to get out of it. After arguing for a few minutes his son said “fine, I’ll go to bed so you guys can smash!” His dad takes him back into the bedroom, and I just hear him say “dude… dude… what the fuck!… dude…”

Then we smashed.


6. Unforgettable Because It Went Wrong

We went for a walk in the park, then to a beer garden and sat outside chatting for hours. He walked me home. Sounds simple but all we did was talk, he was interested in learning about me, and he was a really interesting guy! I screwed it up though.



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