14 Dudes Confess The Things Women Do In Bed That They Absolutely Hate

via Pexels - Paul Leng
via Pexels – Paul Leng

1. Don’t Make Comparisons

Never make a comparison to an ex. That probably goes for both parties though.


2. Don’t just lay there!

That is the worst thing you can possible do, it just burns in your soul. This exactly happened to when I lost my virginity. My girlfriend, who was way more experienced than I was, just lay there doing nothing. It was awful, like I was fucking a corpse. her eyes closed, completely motionless and passive, just taking it. No contact, no passion, no signs of life.

Since it was my first time this still haunts me, it was the beginning of my sexual life, I started it by basically fucking a blow up doll. I assumed I did something terribly wrong but the weirdest part of all is the she told me she really enjoyed it. WTF!?!

So please ladies, when you are having sex with your SO, especially when you are taking his virginity so some signs that you are enjoying yourself, that you think your man is sexy, tell him you can feel him inside you, moan, scream whatever. Even if you’re the quiet type just move with him. Anything! Just make contact with him.

I’m begging you for all the men in the world, coming from a man who’s first time was ruined by a totally passive girlfriend.


3. Don’t Fake It

Never fake it. Seriously, it’s far better to work with us to get better rather than letting us believe what we’re doing is working.


4. Men Need Coaxing Too

Not pay attention to my junk, then get upset when it’s not hard. Ladies, we need a little stroking and sucking sometimes.


5. Do Be Assertive

Ladies, be assertive! This from personal experience and I don’t want to say that all girls are this way but if you have sex: show initiative and be assertive. Don’t just lay there and wait for it to pass, tell us what you like, what you like and let yourself go.


6. Don’t Squeeze It To Death

Death grip. I feel like a lot of girls think guys like it when you just grab the fuck on and jerk it like your pumping water from a well.

Be delicate ladies.


7. Don’t Talk About Dick Size Unless It’s A Compliment

Comment on size of a man’s junk unless its a complement or he wants otherwise. In general guys are pretty touchy about their size and its a rather taboo subject guys think about, but hardly talk about. Most every guy will respond to gratification about size or feel like shit if it its commented on negatively. Try to be positive about it!


8. Don’t Talk About Other Dicks

Had an ex who’d previously been married to a guy with an enormous cock. So big, he couldn’t go all the way in without hitting her cervix and hurting her. Sex for them was a balancing act, enough depth, but not too much. So it was quite a bit of frustration for them as they couldn’t just let it all go wild. It turned into an almost clinical operation consisting of a few positions that were mutually satisfying, with very controlled not-too-deep thrusting. (I found this all out over a three year relationship). My own junk is about average size, and was perfect for her bits, exactly the right sized to only bottom out in the deepest penetrating positions, and even then, with slow work up I could go jackhammer balls deep and it was awesome!

Anyway, that’s the background. The first time we had sex, we’d been groping and kissing in the living room, and she got all hot and worked up and led me to her bed. She started undressing me, which was nice, and I undressed her, item by item. It was going great, I was excited and had my boner ready to plant in her velvety folds. When she pulled my boxers off and saw my “Little Pomo” standing at attention, she gasped with pleasure, which I liked, but then she said “Thank God you’re not huge“. Man, o man, instant soft-on. She can think things like that, but why the hell say them??? Why not say “That looks perfect”? Why, oh why “Not huge”?


9. Don’t “Surprise”

Sticking a finger in the bum as a surprise.


10. Don’t Text

Texting. My god, I was in my bed with a girl after a party and she would pick up her phone every 5 minutes to text someone. I would ask who she was texting or if anything was wrong and she wouldn’t tell me. She seemed like she was enjoying it and I KNOW she was attracted to me (second hookup) but the phone thing was extremely distracting and turned me off.


11. Yikes

Talk about giving birth.


12. Be Positive!

Well, for both partners: No complaining. Keep communication positive. “mmm baby, rise up your arms more!!” Is way the hell better than “ugh, I can’t breath”. It always helps to know what you want ahead of time, so that if something isn’t working right, then you can always request something else. But again, request it in terms of “I really want” rather than “lets do something else”.


13. Be Involved, Not Just Present

Don’t make a terrible face after you let me cum in your mouth. It makes me feel like I just shit on your chest.

If you’re on top, please don’t start really going to town before you really know my penis. If I slip out and you slam down: that shit hurts.

If we kiss, use some goddam tongue. This isn’t grade school; We’re having sex. Fuck my mouth with your mouth.

If you’re sitting on my face, don’t make me do ALL of the work. Grab my hair, and fucking grind yourself on my face. Have fun with it.

And last, but not least: Do NOT touch my nipples unless I say it’s okay.


14. Not Communicating

  • If something feels great and you want more say it. If you don’t and I change positions early you’ve lost your own orgasm.
  • If you are in the mood for something unusual then let’s talk about it before sex.
  • Teeth are for eating not BJ’s.
  • Commit to a BJ the way we commit to oral and be enthusiastic. If it’s a chore to you then it’s a bore to me.

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