21 Men Share Exactly How It Feels When A Woman Cums And He’s Still Inside Her

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“Like the best hug ever…. like her vagina wants to say “thank you for being here.”


“Her pussy gets wetter and clenches my cock more so. My ex used to clench me with everything. Pussy, arms, legs wrapped around my back and locked, and she’d hold her breath. It was like “you’re not going anywhere!” If I was on top. Doggy style, I would hit that deep g spot and she’d have rolling orgasms and I would have to hold her upright by her little buns, because her thighs would go weak, she’d be face down, limp and speechless as she would start to tip over. It was so beautiful and cute. Ugh. I miss her. Her pussy would convulse for minutes on end and she couldn’t talk. Coming in her was heaven. I’ve put myself in a coma from OD’ing…I have been as high as consciously possible…nothing compared to her and I coming together. I have to say, we had an unbelievable sex life.”



No really. To be honest, it’s like velvet waves flowing down and around while gripping the penis while trying to push it out.

At least, that’s my experience.”


“Remember the end of The Fifth Element, when that giant ray of light bursts out of the perfect alien human lady, and Bruce Willis has to hold onto her for dear life, making that cringe face and the Bruce Willis noise, ‘eeeeeeerrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!,’ and if he lets go, the whole world might be destroyed? Remember that? It’s like that.”


“As others said, it is strongly dependent on the girl – If she has well developed pelvic floor muscles, it can be a pretty amazing sensation. It is kind of hard to describe though: it’s almost like getting a very good blowjob, except that the active gripping and milking makes it really unique. What makes it even more of a turn on is when I feel that, and know that it happened due to her own orgasm.”


“My gf convulses so much that she literally forces me out when she cums so I haven’t felt it yet.”


“Feels like victory.”


“The emotional/spiritual sensation is amazing. Sometimes I smile and admire my work. Women cum so many different ways, sometimes quiet and divine, or loud and roaring… I try to appreciate their individual, expressive orgasms for what they are. Physically, much depends on the PC muscle. The really strong orgasms cause such intense physical sensations that I almost always lose control and if I climax then, it’s a hard and heart stopping orgasm. This is especially so without a condom, but even still I can feel the vaginal wall strengthening its grip on my penis and drawing more blood to the glans for maximum sensation. I just have to admire how biologically designed we are for this stuff.”


“If my penis is in her when she cums I feel her vagina pulsing and tightening around my penis. I love that feeling.”


“The best feeling ever.. As we get closer, she tells me to puff- meaning get extra hard, I’ll tell her to squeeze- do a kegel. And at the point of climax she is squeezing uncontrollably, in waves going up my shaft. then a rush of warm slippery stuff, like sliding into a hot tub at the perfect temp. Sometimes ill cum at the same time. If I’m about to cum before her I hold off for a couple sec. This sometimes makes it hard to cum after. And I really should break this habit because I can keep going.”


“With my fiance, it no joke feels like I’m getting a tugjob inside of her, when she hits the O. It’s quite nice.”


“I feel like the word ‘quiver’ is the perfect word to sum it up. How it hugs and pulsates the penis and you can tell the girl is in no control over it and is in pure ecstasy.”


“It feels amazing when she gets off on my dick, emotionally it’s an ego boost, even after 6 years, physically her vagina clinches really tight and it feels like it sucking my cock! Love it!!!!”


“Am I the only one that can’t feel anything? And she doesn’t moan, but she tends to bite my ear or neck.”


“A lot of squeezing down there. Plus she seems to be rubbing a very specific part of herself on my penis (I am guessing the area with clitoris). Unlike some folks here, her orgasm rarely causes me to have one at the same time, even with all the squeezing. I think my mind is more focused on keeping the erection so she can have as good an orgasm as possible.”


“It takes work, but when they get real hot and there’s a solid, swollen G-spot that I’m kneading with my turgid rod; it feels better than the most skilled, nimble, frenulum-flicking tongue action.”


“With some women, I could feel their orgasm as muscle contractions on my cock. It’s awesome. It makes me feel like I did my job.

With others, the closer they get, the wetter they get. Also awesome.

Yet some times I honestly can’t feel anything vaginally. There are other cues though. Body language. Backs arch. Muscles contract. Nipples harden. Breathing increases. Etc.

Some women are vocal, others not so much.

In my experience, when I’m going down on a lady, she’s typically quieter. Once the cock enters the equation, they usually lose control a little bit.

I like to go down first and get one orgasm out of the way, then it’s pound town for orgasm number 2.

I wish I could have orgasms as intense as my partners. Women are just lucky that way I guess.”


“It is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Knowing how much pleasure you brought to someone, knowing how amazing they feel because of you. And then all that is amplified 100 fold if you cum together.”


“It feels damn good, her vagina is pulsating and gripping my penis really hard. And when the body shakes come on it’s such an amazing feeling.”


“When my gf cums during intercourse, it is the biggest turn on for me. not to mention the hot rush and clenching of the vaginal walls feel absolutely amazing. For me the best thing is just to see that my girl is enjoying herself as much as I am.”


“Christ, I love those goddamn leg spasms…we call them ‘aftershocks.’ The best is when we both finish at the same time with her on top, and she just lays on top of me while her legs just convulse for minutes. Usually put my hand on her ass and wait for her to finish shaking while we have a good laugh at the fact that she’s got no control over it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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