15 Women Reveal The Biggest Red Flags That A Guy Has NO Game Whatsoever

sofiamilkis / www.twenty20.com/photos/79e4a707-1fe5-41dc-8d2d-81d36a558fbc
sofiamilkis / www.twenty20.com/photos/79e4a707-1fe5-41dc-8d2d-81d36a558fbc

1. He Brags

When he feels the need to brag about/talk up his sexual prowess.

2. He Doesn’t Understand How Breasts Work…Or Orgasms

Thinks the entire breast is an erogenous zone; massages my tits for five minutes and asks whether I’m about to come yet…

3. He Thinks Labia Size Means Something

He thinks that the labia size determines how loose you are as in:

“If you fuck all different guys it loosens up your vagina (with these dudes labia/vagina are interchangeable terms), but if you fuck ME three times a day every day, that definitely won’t happen.”

Do you understand how a vagina works?!!

4. Slapping The Veejay

If he starts slapping your vagina it usually means he’s watched a lot of porn, but hasn’t actually been with any women.

5. He Just Goes Through The Motions

When they push too quickly, aren’t reading signals (may also just be a jerk). When they think a few minutes of kissing is “enough foreplay.” When they shove their dry fingers into your vag over and over again and it’s clearly doing nothing. When they try to pull some bullshit porn moves. When they ask “did you cum?” when you clearly didn’t.

6. He Thinks “Jackhammer” Is Valid Sexual Position

The Ol’ Jackhammer. When he thrusts in and out of you back and forth, no variation, and slams so hard into you each time that you have lower back pain for days after. Meanwhile he’s bragging to his mates ‘Yeah I fucked her so hard she couldn’t walk, hehe,’ and I’m like ‘Yeah dickhead, it’s cos you’re doing it wrong.’

7. He thinks Alpha Male Is A Thing

Referring to themselves as an alpha. Lol, pathetic.

8. He Just Can’t Relax

He’s overly concerned with doing things “right” like it’s a video game and there are “levels of accomplishment” with girls. So much so that he cannot relax and just be a nice person for the hell of it.

9. When He’s Done, He’s Done

I’ve heard from other girls that guys will ask “did you cum” when they’re done with sex. Like, they’re just curious. They aren’t going to do anything.

It’s so weird to me because why would you ask if you’re not planning on doing anything? I mean, if your dick is done for the day your hands, mouth, and my vibe still do.

10. He Thinks Normal Body Sounds Are “Weird”

If he’s easily grossed out or overly bashful over basic bodily functions, like stomach growling noises or queefs.

11. The Reddest Flag

“I have kissed you, dispassionately and out of the blue, for 30 seconds. i will now roughly and with with no rhythm finger bang you for another 30 seconds. what, you’re not wet? Well I guess we’ll use lube, but you better get that shit checked out … ok, time to put my dick in!!!!!”

12. He Speaks In Broad Generalizations About Women

The biggest indicator for me is when a they make sweeping generalizations about “women” that are often mired in sexist ideology, like “Women only want X, Y, Z (big dicks, assholes, money, etc),” or “Women tend to be X, Y, Z, (emotionally geared, vain, have low self esteem, need affirmation). The thing is that these ideas are really prevalent and easy to parrot but people with actual experience with women tend to disregard these beliefs as soon as their personal experience overrides them, which it definitely would if they were spending time with women on anything more than a superficial level.

13. He’s Scared A Woman Might Have Had Sex Before

When he has to ask “How far have you gone with a guy?”

14. He Won’t Eat Pussy

Won’t eat pussy.

Won’t eat pussy if you don’t shave.


15. He Doesn’t Know How To Deal With Rejection

Inexperienced men seem to have trouble letting it go if you’re not interested. This gives off an air of desperation that we can smell from a mile away, and makes us even less interested than we were before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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