23 Men Share Exactly How They Feel When A Woman Openly Says She *Needs* A Big Penis

via Lookcatalog
via Lookcatalog


Free country. I’m allowed to say “no fat chicks”.


It’s no different from a guy saying he only wants a woman with big tits. People have a right to be picky.

If anything it is commendable. Have you seen what most dildos look like? Women like them long and thick. Nothing wrong with just being upfront about it.


Same as a guy who wants a skinny girl with a big rack. We all don’t get the same genetic hands, but if you’re that picky with nothing to offer you might end up with nothing.


I’m not swinging some big ol meat hammer but if that’s what a girl wants, I’m not the guy for her and that’s just what it is. I wouldn’t hold me not being what they want against them.


Good. Wish more women were more open about what they want sexually.


She can want whatever she wants, you can judge her for it, but you can’t shame her or make her change what she wants.


I don’t care, we all have a right to choose partners based on whatever criteria are important to us. It’s good to know we’re not compatible before I’m emotionally or financially invested in her.


They probably deserve one in their life.


They only want a big dick? That’s fine. Belittling men who don’t meet their standards? Well that’s just scummy. It’s like a guy making fun of a woman for having small tits. Basically it’s not cool to criticize people for parts of their bodies they have no control over.


I don’t care. If she prefers bigger dicks than mine go find a bigger dick.


Just like penises, vaginas come in different sizes* and she’s allowed to like whatever she wants. If her preferred size is too far out of the standard deviation, then well… I hope she likes toys and fisting.

Most women I know prefer average to slightly larger than average, so “big dick” is usually a relative term.

*No, this isn’t an admonishment of “loose” women. That’s not how vaginas work.


I think that if that’s their only parameter, they’re likely to end up with a bigger dick than they were looking for.


Not bothered. Everyone’s allowed their preferences, and when you want that hugely fully feeling nothing is going to fake that. Some people are into that, some aren’t. That’s why we aren’t all carbon copies of each other.

Does that limit her dating pool? Sure. Does that knock me out of her dating pool? Sure, since I’m purely average. Not my circus, not my monkeys – there are enough people whose preferences I do fit.


I’m an Asian dude with a stereotypically smaller package (wow aint that self degrading etc) and I used to be upset at people who would make these statements.

I don’t think it bothers me anymore because people just have preferences and as long as they’re not extending those preferences to demean you as a person in other aspects then it’s totally okay. I have preferences too, so it’s unfortunate that there are women who I would not date or have sexual relations with over things they can’t do anything about, but that’s just how it is.


It’s their right, doesn’t affect me in any way.


It’s her life, and her choice. I’m happy she’s clear and honest. Easy as pie.


Honestly I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people having preferences. I’ve got plenty so I can hardly complain about anyone else’s. No one has any obligation to be attracted to anyone else.


I tend to look at those women the same way I look at men who want big boobs. It’s a preference for some folks.


Respect. A no bullshit response. I like that.


“How you doin’?”


The Kamasutra says a good bit about genital size. Since there different sizes for both male and female they have to be compatible.

Genital Sizes – Mix and Match

The Kama Sutra, by Vatsyayana classifies the lingam and yoni according to size.

Male – Lingam: Hare (small) – Bull (medium) – Horse (large)

Female – Yoni: Deer (small) – Mare (medium) – Elephant (large)

According to Vatsyayana (and common sense) matches of equal size are ideal, but lovers can manage the other combinations quite nicely. Certain positions are helpful when there is a mismatch of genital sizes.

Tldr; tiny girl + horse cock = bad sex. Tiny penis + elephant vagina = bad sex.

People should fuck who/what they think is best for them.


Honest, just like any man that openly says he only wants a tight vagina.


It’s just a preference. Men get so bent out of shape about this yet we have no problem talking about liking certain size tits or shapes of asses.

I got an average dick. My wife enjoys the hell out of it, and I’m pretty fond of it, too. If a chick likes big dicks, so what? More power to her.

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