41 Men And Women Share The Disturbing And Unusual Fantasies That Still 100% Turn Them On

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1. Comforting A Woman

Whenever I hold/comfort a woman when she’s crying, I get super turned on. Even if I’m not in the mood sexually or wanting sex, I just get really turned on and I have no idea why.

2. Sleeping Sex

The thought of someone having sex with me while I’m asleep.

3. Casual Buttplug

The Casual Buttplug. Like a plug, some sexy panties and than just jeans and a T-Shirt and I’ll go run errands. There’s something to be said about secret kinks in public.

4. Vibrating Egg In Public

Tried a remote control vibrating egg? I love putting one in my GF then hang on to the remote. Great fun in public. I think she had at least 7-8 orgasms at a Fields of the Nephilim concert, I had to hold her so she wouldn’t fall.

5. Harry Potter Fanfic

A few months ago, I miraculously stumbled across a Harry Potter fanfiction where Hermione deep throats Buckbeak’s hippogriff cock, gets fucked doggy style while Hagrid watches and masturbates, then she gives birth to the first ever angel cos hippogriffs have wings.

I should not have been as erect as I was.

6. Licking The Sweat Off Her Legs

I used to spar with a female friend, she was studying Tae Kwon Do and I was studying Jujitsu. There was some tension between us, but I never made a move because she was always straight up about practicing kicks against a heavier opponent. I was in the 205 range working up to 225, she was about 110.

I told her that if she could get 5 kicks through my guard, that I would I would lick the sweat off her legs. She hit me with some kicks I had never seen at that speed, from her. The combination of the pain, then the salty taste of her sweat drove me nuts. We spent the next year as friends with benefits. Never anything spoken, but after working out we would often end up giving tongue baths and going down on each other. But only after working up a gnarly sweat.

Never had anyone like her since. Still love that taste.

7. Quicksand

As a child I had a quicksand/mud pit fetish. After seeing a Vice doc on Quicksand porn recently, all these repressed memories came flooding back in. I remember getting so excited when watching an episode of Gilligan’s Island when Ginger and Mary Ann were soaking up to their necks in a pool of mud. At the age of around 7, I would go to bed and dream of soaking in the mud pit with the two of them.

8. “Damn Right I’m Your Brother”

Incest porn. But not all of it, just a few Xev Bellringer videos. It’s not really the incest thing that’s hot to me, that was actually pretty disturbing at first. But damn, she is like, my exact type physically, and most of those vids are POV. After a while, the scenarios got kinda sexy. At first, I was like, “I’ll just mute it.” Now, I’m like, “Yea, damn right I’m your brother.”

9. Jalapeno Poppers and Vitamin D Milk

A few weeks or so ago I got a corneal abrasion in my eye and couldn’t see for two days. The night I could finally open my eyes again my SO and I had decided to make jalapeno poppers. Yeah, rubbing jalapeno pepper juice into my eyes following a corneal abrasion was absolutely unbearable. I jumped in the shower and that didn’t help. I scream for her to look online for any home remedies and a tip was to pour milk into my eyes, perfect I’d just bought a gallon. My girlfriend a strips down and joins me in the shower with the milk. I begin pouring the milk into my eyes but it only slightly dulls the pain. My gf has this beautiful idea to distract my pain by going down on me. She’s just lovely. She starts going to town, and for some reason a mix between the steaming shower watcher, the eye pain, the cold milk being poured on my face, and my gf going to town caused the most memorable orgasm I ever felt that it caused my legs to go limp and I fell out of the porcelain tub onto my back. I wasn’t seriously hurt, in fact, i was in ecstasy. It’s been a few weeks but I’ve managed to convince my girl to blow me in the tub while I waterboard myself with vitamin D milk 3 whole times, still haven’t been able to successfully recreate that moment, but when a golden snake slivers on out of your butthole, you go catch the sucker.

10. Bored Masturbation

Dripping, casual nudity, and casual masturbation.

It would be hot as hell to be hanging out with an attractive woman who just felt like being naked… and not strictly for comfort’s sake, either, but because she had an almost apathetic exhibitionist streak. I’d really like to hang out with her, and while we were conversing or watching a movie, watch as she just started casually masturbating. I’d love for her to act like it was as uninteresting as scratching an itch or doing her nails.

I also really like it when girls drip. Not squirt or pee, exactly – though both of those are pretty damned arousing, and I’d love to experience the former – but drip. I’d love to watch tiny droplets cling to her lips and fall while she stood there, making no effort to spread her legs or pose.

I guess I have a thing for apathy and arousal.

11. Disgusted With Herself

I am still disgusted with myself over this and have never told a soul but here it goes… On Facebook I am in some shit posting groups. Everyone is a huge asshole and trolls each other constantly. In one group I’m in a guy posted a link to a video of a “cute dog.” Well I opened it and I am instantly assaulted with a video of a girl bent over being fucked by a Doberman. My instantly reaction was to scream in disgust then slam my laptop shut.

Then I realized I was incredibly wet and I have never forgiven myself.

12. Yikes!

I used to play with my naval ring, turned me on a little. Started putting my finger inside and noticed a sensation of intense arousal. Had surgery about a year ago to remove my gall bladder. Turns out it was a hernia and I was playing with my insides.

13. Crossed Eyes

Girls with lazy eyes. Like full on cross-eyed.

14. Toes Intertwined In Battle

My ex girlfriend was really good with her feet… like really good.

Sometimes she would just eat peanut butter out of jars with her toes, or try to train herself to use silverware with them, real fucked up shit.

Then one day it happened, she was walking around barefoot and another woman walked in the room.

It was then that I discovered that having 2 woman wrestle with their bare feet gives me a raging willy.

14. Oral Pain Fixation

I got braces right around the time I hit puberty. Having a really fucked up over bite I had braces for a long time, and they were tightened very often, usually causing immense pain so bad I couldn’t eat solid food for several days after each tightening. Having immense oral pain for the first few years I explored masturbation must have lead to some kind of oral specific masochistic turn on.

I didn’t even notice until several years after my braces were taken off I got punched in the mouth and although I didn’t lose any teeth pushing on the few now loose teeth felt really good. I kept pushing the teeth as hard as I could with my tongue until they bled, and wiggled them side to side with my fingers, which was very painful, but made me want to masturbate while my teeth hurt.

I’m scared if I explore this fetish more I’ll end up either shifting my now straight teeth back out of place, or even go too far as to pull some out; although I know I like it, I have never intentionally caused myself oral pain for sexual pleasure (other than wiggling those few teeth after getting punched. The teeth healed just fine).

15. Serial Killer Fetish

The risk of being murdered. It’s awful and i know I can’t really ever tell anyone about it. And it’s not like I actually want to be murdered, but the idea of being fucked by a serial killer turns me on?? Lame.

16. Making Grown Men Cry

At this point I’ve accepted my desire to make grown men cry in either pain or because they need to cum that bad.

17. Virgin Bondage

I’m a virgin but the thought of someone tying me up spread eagle, blindfolded and gagged, bent over, and just banging the shit out of me and using vibrators until I’m screaming, crying, shaking, can’t speak or stand or anything, then cumming on my back and having a new guy come and do it all over again.

18. Size King

Really big cocks.

As a totally straight male, watching women get smashed by massive dicks, like 10+ inches is just so fucking awesome.

19. Afterglow Laughter

That half laugh half crying thing some girls do post orgasm. I find it disturbingly sexy.

20. Extreme Role Playing

My wife and I role play.

Not really plumber and housewife stuff.

She is a lost alien prince from a place we call “Under” that fell into our universe. I am the creepy man that takes him in and does unspeakable things to him.

Or sometimes she is the king of that strange planet in that same strange universe, and I am the twin brother that has time bending powers and foresight. We have twincest, but genetics aren’t a thing in this universe. No big deal everyone fucks everyone. It’s humans that are disgusting if they fuck siblings.

Or I am her stalker, I kidnap her and take her into the world of Under where I ravage her and force her to bare children for the kingdom, because she was a “lost child” that was smuggled into Earthworld and has no idea she is an Under.

Or, the lost alien prince gets older. I am his pimp. I use, abuse, and fuck that alien. He loves me but is conflicted. I am secretly a spy from another universe trying to catch the people of under that bled into the earth world.

Under has it’s own mythology and rules. The people have never seen their sun. It’s overcast. Their oceans are purple. Royalty can sprout wings. The king can sprout horns if antagonized.

One of my characters is a sadist, so we have bdsm sessions (safely!) sometimes.

A huge majority of the sex scenes involve forcing, pain, and some form of alien incest.

This is 100% normal to us. We have been doing it and developing an ongoing background story that ties each character together for 17 years now.

21. From The Inside

I don’t know if it counts but I saw a video where they put a camera on the inside of a woman’s vagina and it was surprising how much I liked it. Specially when the guy came it’s like sex on the inside.

Oh and lesbian.

22. Bloody Spanking

I never really was much into spanking. I’ve paddled/whipped other guys asses before to satisfy their fetish but it really didn’t do much for me but that was before I met this guy on Craigslist. He wanted to be whipped with a riding crop to the point where his ass was bleeding… We met the first time and I tied him up and got his ass a little red and left some welts. We had sex afterwards and parted ways. That evening he emailed me saying I didn’t do it hard enough and he though I didn’t have it in me to make his ass purple and bleed. I offered to meet again the following evening and see what I could do.

The second time we met I tied him up a different way and used a yardstick to warm him up and instantly switched to top mode (I’m more of a bottom when it comes to kink) and lit his ass up real good with the riding crop. I didn’t break the skin but I left quite a few nice big purple welts and kept going for a little while after he asked me to stop… By then I noticed I was covered in precum and when I was done I made him go down on me. He wasn’t particularly good at oral but it was one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had. Never heard from him since.

23. His “Past”

My husband talking about his past sexual experiences.

24. Much, MUCH Older Men

I fantasize about being raped by older men. Not just older, either, but really disgusting, unattractive, possibly-obese older men. It’s fucking weird.

When I was 15 I met a guy online who was/is twice my age and some things happened that the FBI wouldn’t have appreciated very much. I don’t know if that relates back to it in some weird Freudian way. I still get off to the thought of him fucking me.

Other things disturbing things I’ve gotten off to include incest, somnophilia, tentacle porn and that one type of hentai that rhymes with “holy.”

This isn’t what my mother wanted for me.

25. Complicated Poopy Scenarios

Having someone sit on my lap whilst I am on the toilet myself having them poop between my legs as I go myself and we embrace.

26. *Sniff*

A guy smelling my underwear.

27. Race Play

I don’t know if it’s “disturbing” exactly, but I’m a black girl and get off on the whole racial humiliation thing. Being called all kinds of racist names during sex, being treated as an inferior, like an animal, being made to worship white men and/or women (I am bi), etc etc. It has gotten my juices flowing from a young age.

28. Domination Of Women

Sex and violence. Demeaning women. Aggressive domination of women. Verbally abusing a partner. And after its all done being extremely sweet comforting and affectionate.

29. Sexual Subtlety

I’m turned on by form and suggestion. I’d much rather watch a blurry silhouette or a ponytail bouncing with the blowjob offscreen. There’s something about not quite seeing those involved but the raw forms that really gets to me.

30. Clowns

Kavity the Klown. Look it up if you want nightmares, I’ll refrain from posting it here. It’s not the first time I’ve been turned on by clowns, but I think it might be the last.

31. Cuckoldry

Being a Cuck I get so hard at the idea…the problem is I like the idea but I don’t ever want my Gf to cheat on me.

32. Blackmail

Blackmail. I wouldn’t extort someone for sex but that disgusted look the girl has before “succumbing” to the pleasure just gets me.

33. Choking

I used to fall asleep with my hand around my neck, or around my throat, and when I was sleeping with this girl I felt compelled to have her put her hands around my throat and I really liked it.

34. So Silky

Men who wear lingerie.

35. The Sounds Of Labor

I am female, currently 33 and I have gotten off on the sound of a woman in labor since I was 8. I have still never heard of anyone else who reacts this way. As an adult I realized that a woman in labor sounds very much like a woman climaxing but I have no idea why my child brain responded to this.

36. Teasing Until They Can’t Take It

This guy I knew who I knew liked me.. I would suck on his fingers and tease him knowing that I was making him hard as hell. He ended up getting super frustrated and grabbed me roughly by my hair and forced my head down to his dick. Holy shit I was so turned on having his dick in my mouth was like heaven.

37. Girlfriend Fighting And Winning

Watching my girlfriend beat the shit out of another girl.

She runs a car club and one of her guy friends was getting beat up on by his girlfriend at one of their meets. He refused to hit her and she wouldn’t get out of his face. Clawing at him, yelling, you get it. Girlfriend pulled her off of him, they started fighting, and my girlfriend laid her ass out.

Having to pull my tiny girlfriend off this chick with the hardest boner ever… awkward as fuck but it’s scary hot when she’s mad.

38. A Mindless Fuck Machine

So, there was that story about a hair stylist having her salon broken into, then subduing the robber and keeping him chained up as a sex slave. She fed him only Viagra, and she had him for three days.

Some evil little part of me thinks this is an excellent plan. Maybe with some other drugs sandwiched onto the Viagra, so the guy is completely out of his mind at all times. My own mindless fuck machine.

Yeah, I don’t explore this train of thought.

39. His Dirty Hands

Last month I went to get my oil changed. When the mechanic called me up to get my information and try to upsell me on some bullshit, I noticed how utterly filthy and disgusting his hands were. I even made a snotty comment about them which we both dismissed as me being a bitch. I went to sit back down but for some reason I could not get the thought of his blackened hands out of my head. I ended up getting his number and begging for pictures of his dirty palms and finger tips. Fast forward a month and I am now going to his work after hours on a weekly basis to get fucked in the office while he rubs his nasty hands all over my naked body.

40. Eating Her Ears Out. Yes, Ears

I never knew getting my ear ate out like a vagina would get me off. It’s fucking hot though.

41. Incest And Lactation

I’m super into incest where dads impregnate their daughters. Even better if it leads to lactation. But I’m gay. Nothing makes sense. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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