50 Women Share The Hottest And Rawest Things A Man Has Ever Said (And Done) To Them In Bed


“I’m gunna pack this bowl, then go down on you.”


We were wrestling and playing around on the bed and I told him he better be nice to me. He looked at me with those fuck me eyes and said, I am NOT going to be nice to you, while he pulled my panties off.


My ex did this thing once where he buried his nose in the already wet fabric of my thong, where it rested on my clit, took a deep breath in, and just went “oh god” on a ragged breath. He then proceeded to devour me.


After having not seen each other for 2 weeks because of break, he said mid-stroke: “This is all I’ve been thinking about all winter break.”


“I love you. You’re so filthy and sexy and you’re mine.


“I want you to look me in the eyes when you cum.”


I got naked for the first time in front of my first love, a 21 year old virgin. He just looked at me and said “Wow.” in this awed voice. Then, when he got on top of me, he looked down at me and said “Beautiful, as always.”. I still get a little emotionally overwhelmed thinking about it…


“I just want you to lay down, relax, and I’m going to make you feel as good as possible, okay?”


Hottest thing ever said to me had to be this guy who I would drive home after my shift at a bar. The first hottest thing he ever said was the first night we made out and swam naked in the ocean at 4am: “Say you fucking want me, Say it…” in between heavy kisses. The next was when I was driving him home one night and as I was talking to him about work at a stoplight he laughed and unbuttoned my shorts and RIPPED OFF my panties and said “You don’t fucking work, you never have to work, all you have to do is sit there and look beautiful. Open your fucking mouth.”

I miss that bastard.


After going down on me 4 times: “NO! I’m not done with you!”


My SO was spanking and fingering me. I was moaning really loud. He hit me really hard and growled “stop your damn moaning and do something useful with your mouth.” Then he shoved his cock in my mouth and I came.


After much MUCH teasing, he said, “Dont worry, I’m going to fuck you.” Gets me wet everytime I think about it.


I had to meet up with my ex a few blocks from my house to exchange some stuff he found in a closet (we lived together for a few years) and my current (at the time) boyfriend was not too excited about it. He understood and was supportive of me getting it done, but he knew the guy had hurt me pretty badly and didn’t want me to get upset again. I only planned on meeting him for max ten minutes, just enough to exchange pleasantries and gtfo with my family photos. About 20 minutes before I had to walk out the door he marched into the room, picked me up over his shoulder, threw me on the bed and started stripping both of us down. I was laughing and trying to get up when he pinned me down and looked me right in the eyes and said “If you’re going, you are going with shaky legs and smelling like me. Shirt off.” And proceeded to have some of the best sex on our record. I walked the 7 blocks on shaky legs with fresh sex sweat on me.


“You’re the fucking devil.”


“Donde quieres mis besitos?” (Where do you want my little kisses?) TC mark