50 Women Share The Hottest And Rawest Things A Man Has Ever Said (And Done) To Them In Bed


“I want to do unspeakable things to you.”


“That’s a good little slut.”


“I wanna feel you cum on my cock.”


“I need you right now.” Said as he grabbed me as tight as he could.


Once when I was on top he put his hands behind his head and muttered, “Oh god, this is the life.” Huuuge boost to my confidence!


He thought he may be having a heart attack after I gave him a BJ.


“I want THAT right there” while I’m face down and his finger is teasing my bum.


“I want to spoil you more but I’m not gonna last much longer.”


“Good girl.” Gets me every time.


Sometimes at the beginning of a blowjob, he’ll say “That’s where that goes…”


“Cum on this dick” It’s such a big turn on especially if I’m on top riding him.


I told him I wanted him to fill me up and then I was gonna sit on his face.

His reply…”Please.”


Grwwwaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr!!! Uhnnnn…haah, haah, haah, haah…..

Phew, I want some pancakes.


“Oh god babe, I could get addicted to this…” The first time we had sex, I just felt so good and sexy when he said that.


“I want you naked in bed when I’m back.”


My favorite memory. I was with the hottest guy I have ever been with in my life, ever. He was a creamy caramel yummy smelling dream and I still was in awe that he was in my bed. Sexytimes occurred and then he cupped my face in his hands and he said, with awe and wonderment in his voice: “How are you single?! What kind of idiots are here in America that you are single?!” Then he scooped me close to him and kissed me.


“Mine!” Sometimes he says that over and over again…sigh


Maybe this is the narcissist in me, but usually a compliment. “God you’re so hot” “Your pussy is so cute” etc etc. Feels good to be wanted in a way that must be verbalized and not just exhibited via a boner.

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