50 Women Share The Hottest And Rawest Things A Man Has Ever Said (And Done) To Them In Bed

What these guys said is going make you hot.


After four long years of sexual tension: “god I’ve been waiting so long to fuck you”


“God you taste amazing”


“Good girl”


“Cum for me” is the best thing my husband says. I love hearing him tell me when.


“You’ve got 5 minutes to take off that top or I’m ripping it off you.”


Fuck you’re so beautiful” … that was hot.. and sweet.


“I love being inside of you” “What do you need me to do to make you come?” He also says “good girl” in completely non-sexual conversations and settings and it’s like whoops there go my pants.


One night after going to the bar, we were laying in bed asleep, he woke up from a dead sleep, rolls over (which woke me up), whispers in my ear “I’m going to fuck the shit outta you” and proceeds to do just that. Hottest sex ever!


It’s a tie between “God, your pussy is fucking incredible.” and “You are beautiful.


“It’s taking everything I have not to explode inside you”, gruffly, mid thrust.


It really wasn’t what he said one time in particular, but he had his hand down there rubbing me, he brought his hand back up and licked his finger in the most sexiest manner possible. Oh. My. Gawd.


I may be weird but I just love the “I wanna cum inside you so bad” talk. And even though it’s not a vocal thing per se, but I get sooo super turned on when we’re doggy style and he is lightly rubbing my lower back and ass. like he is being sweet and gentle but doing horrible dirty things to me in the process. I just love that.


“That’s my girl.”


“You’re so fucking tight”….. hey, I like the confidence boost.


He’ll run his hands all over my body and say “This is mine.”

I like being his.


“Who’s pussy is this? Who’s ass is this?” etc. Theres only one right answer.


“More than anything else in this life, I look forward to crawling into bed with you.”