31 Beautiful And Hilarious ‘Notes From Mom’ That Will Remind You Why Moms Are The Best

1. You Can Only Hope To Be As Cool As She Is One Day

2. Leftovers Are Precious And She Knows This

3. She Taught You How To Write PSAs For Your Roommates

4. She Knows How Crazy You Are (And Doesn’t Care)

5. She Knows That Breadsticks Are Life!

6. She Taught You To Ask Nicely

7. She’s Not Afraid To Call BS

8. She’s Quick With The Awesome Threats

9. She Absolutely DGAF

10. She Has An Official “Butt Dial” Message

11. She Always Pushes You, Even When You’re Not Feeling It

12. She Knows That Surprise Love Is The Best Love

13. She’s The Queen Of Life Advice

14. She’s Organized Like No One Else

15. She’s Got A Life And Things To Do

16. Her Confidence Game Is On Point

17. She Makes You Feel Like It’s Going To Be Okay

18. She’s The Reason You Believe You Can Do It

19. She’s Always Pulling For You No Matter What It Is

20. Because She Wants To Do Something For You All The Time

21. She Knows The Booze Rules

22. She Always Wants To Wish You A Goodnight

23. She’s Solid On The Important Updates

24. She Thinks The World Of You

25. Her Love Of Pizza Rivals Even Your Own

26. Because She Knows You Need To Hear It

27. Because She Knows From Experience That It’s A Journey

28. She’s Deep AF

29. She Apologizes For The Big Mistakes

30. She’s Sarcastic

31. She Knows That In This World Keeping It Simple Is The Way To Go

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