19 Men Confess Exactly How They Feel About Eating Ass

via Flickr - Mark Sebastian
via Flickr – Mark Sebastian

More and more, “eating ass” or “booty eating” is entering the mainstream as a normal sexual act. What’s so great about it and why is it becoming more accepted?

1. “It’s a taboo thing and drives her wild when I do it.

The clit and anus are the two areas of most concentrated nerve endings in a woman’s body. Since I’m already in the neighborhood, let’s go all in.”


2. “Good Lord eating ass makes me as hard as Chinese algebra. Nothing better than a beautiful woman’s ballon knot just giving you a wink and asking you to tickle her with your tongue.”


3. “Life is short, we’re running out of taboos, and people finally understand that nothing you do with a woman is gay unless there’s another man involved.”


4. “I just like ass to a huge degree, why wouldn’t I lick it? It’s not like vagina smells all that good, and yet I eat like a pig at the trough.”


5. “A) It feels naughty, dirty, possibly demeaning, etc.

B) I don’t know whether or not there has actually been an increase. If there has, it could be due to influence from porn. When you see something and it turns you on, you often want to try it in real life.

Also, of course, I don’t ask. I just do it. Some girls find it immensely pleasurable, many girls find it mildly enjoyable, some girls are quite indifferent to it, and a very few girls say ‘No thanks, not my cup of tea.'”


6. “I’m not into it, but I’ve seen it mentioned a lot on Tinder.”


7. “‘But he gotta eat the booty like groceries.’ She said it, not me.”


8. “The strong increase is mostly because of Kevin Gates. Rapper who talked about eating ass and raps about it quite often. Then a ton of rappers started saying it too.

the way Kevin Gates put it is ‘when you are intimate with your woman you gotta make her feel electric. So suck her toes, eat the pussy, and eat her ass if she into it. If not, you wasting her time.’

My dad at a young age of 14 told me to eat ass and well i kind of did and haven’t stopped since then. Girls I’ve been with have really enjoyed it.”


9. “Well……., if someone eats out the girl, means his mouth is LITERALLY 2mm away from her ass. So, yes: get into it and be a trooper ladies. Tickle the ass, Toss that salad!”


10. “It’s enjoyable and turns girls on. People are letting go of their paranoid taboos about sex.”


11. “It’s kinda dirty. It’s an ass. What’s not to like? It’s just fantastic all around.”


12. “Here’s the thing about the butthole; poop comes out of it, it is in itself not MADE of poop. It is important to avoid doing any rimming when the be-holed individual has very recently had anything along the lines of wet-poop/diarrhea, as there could still be some on the immediate-inside (everyone knows this feeling, its kind of irritating like you have sand in your ass).

Other than that, the butthole (when properly maintained) does not have shit on it or in it. That said, let’s address your specific question.

No, it won’t smell bad. The butthole has its own set of pores designed to keep it slightly damp and not overly-dry. As such the butthole itself has its own distinct scent, which is not that of shit, fart, or w/e has been passed through the butt. A lot of people say the smell is “musky” (depends on the individual of course, but usually it is a bit “musky”). However this is not unlike the wonderful smell of pussy. They are scents that are endearing and intimate, and can in their own rights be appreciated.

Now, a different slightly related topic – taste. Remember in school where they said something like “75% of taste is scent” – that was a lie. Ever tried tasting pineapple shampoo? Not even close. Anyways – the taste of their ass is as wildly different from even the musky scent as apples to oranges. It doesn’t taste like a whole lot, but if I had to describe from my experiences, its like licking a battery, but about 250x weaker in intensity. Its not bad at all.

If you are curious and happen to have a S/O on hand, go ahead and take a smell/taste directly from the source for yourself – or if you are just curious about the “smell” – then just smell the back end of a pair of their panties/underwear. You’ll easily find that unless they are hygienically impaired, it won’t smell at all like poop/farts, but the musk scent I’ve detailed above.”


13. “Look at it this way….puke has come out of her mouth at some point, but you’ll still stick your tongue in there, dead tissue and blood has come out of her vagina, but you’ll lick that till the cows come home. Butthole is just another body part that happens to have to deal with a messy part of daily life occasionally, the rest of the time it’s available for parties and equipped to contribute generously.”


14. “Because I love the booty. Seeing her lay there, on her stomach with that perfectly round butt looking so great it’s hard not to just dive in and show her how much I love it.”


15. “As a man, I love eating ass because in my experience, a lot of girls have never had that before and will be curious about it. It always drives them nuts.”


16. “It feels fucking awesome on the receiving end and it’s really hot watching my girlfriend squirm and moan more as I move from her pussy to ass.”


17. “My wife says she doesn’t like it, for a few of the reasons stated in here. (Not clean, etc.)

But she can’t deny she likes it when I run my tongue over it and she has an instant orgasm.”


18. “I love her ass. I want to do all sorts of things to it…one of those things is put my tongue on it and get her to make them happy noises…don’t know why, but I do.”


19. “I will (eat ass) upon request or if I’m really, really into the girl. But only if we or at least the lady in question has showered in the last hour. I do it because nothing excites me more than having my girlfriend orgasm. If that’s what it takes then no problem.

There was this one time when I was 22. I was with this cougar (she was 30, would recommend). Taught me a lot about myself. She was giving some of the best oral I ever had. Then she lifted my legs up a bit and licked my asshole while stroking me. In the moment it was ecstasy. I shot off instantly. But, after she left, I was really embarrassed and…confused. I had never let anyone near the exit before (I mean come on…not manly. Or very hetro.) And the position I was in with my legs up like that was degrading. I’m of a different opinion now though. I don’t mind it. But it is NOT something I ask for or expect.” TC mark


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