17 Experienced Guys Answer The Question ‘How Long Do You Have To Go Down On Her?’

via twenty20/SashaNell
via twenty20/SashaNell

1. “As long as it takes? Really though, tongue cramps are a real thing. If it’s over fifteen minutes then I probably won’t be able to speak at all afterwards.”

—Nate, 26


2. “Simple answer is that you don’t have to go down on her at all but she’ll never love you if you don’t and she’ll tell all her friends and you’ll never have sex again.”

—Jackson, 23


3. “This really varies. I’ve dated girls that absolutely could not come from oral (or from my oral) but I’ve dated other girls that basically cum as soon as I’ve gotten to ‘D’ in the alphabet. I guess it depends on whether she’s comfortable with herself enough to relax and enjoy it.”

—Keith, 25


4. “I don’t do oral. I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings and I love women but I’ve just never liked the taste.”

—Richard, 20


5. “Twenty minutes is a looooong time for someone to have to go down on a girl. If she’s wanting more than that then she’s just being greedy.”

—Martin, 22


6. “If it takes longer than fifteen minutes or so then you should rethink your technique. Guys, ask her what she likes and don’t pressure her to get off.”

—Jonathon, 29


7. “A better question might be why do I ever have to stop going down on a girl? This is literally my favorite thing to do. I’m a huge fan of wrapping my arms around her legs and pulling her crotch into my face and holding her there. This pussy is mine!”

—David, 30


8. “It shouldn’t take longer than twenty minutes but I’ve noticed that even if you’re doing your best and really trying to get feedback on what feels good to her some women will not tell you either because they don’t know what they like or they’re too embarrassed to actually say the words.”

—Alex, 27


9. “If it’s taking a really long time then try nibbling the clit. Be very gentle at first and see what happens. I’ve dated girls that literally wanted me to flick it hard between my teeth but didn’t know it until I did it. Then they got off like crazy.”

—Melvin, 21


10. “I’m ashamed to say it but I’ve never gotten a single woman off through oral and believe me I’ve tried. Once spent forty minutes doing my best with the man in the boat and at the end of it she still hadn’t gotten off at all and I was completely exhausted.”

—Gary, 20


11. “The only times I’ve found this to be an issue is when the woman I’m with really isn’t present mentally. When that’s the case, no amount of oral skill or dedication is going to get her to orgasm. So, I just understand that sometimes she’s not going to be able to get there and it has nothing to do with me.”

—Adam, 31


12. “I’m willing to make myself uncomfortable in order for my girlfriend to get off but ladies, please, PLEASE, just tell us if it isn’t going to happen because it can get really painful after a while.”

—Bryan, 28


13. “I have to confess that I’ve never liked going down on anyone. I do it for as long as I have to because I’m expected to. But fair is fair. I know that not every woman (maybe even most women) really aren’t into blowjobs.”

—Darren, 27


14. “This isn’t ever a question I’ve asked myself. If my tongue gets tired then I just use my fingers and lips until it’s recovered. Besides, dudes who only use their tongues for cunnilingus are completely doing it wrong.”

—Oliver, 25


15. “It’s hilarious because up until last week I’ve never gotten tongue cramps before I’d made a woman cum. If a girl is 45 minutes into a deep muff session with no end in sight then maybe she should accept that she’s either not turned on or she’s not giving her dude good instructions.”

—Peter, 23


16. “If it takes longer than ten minutes then she’s not telling her man what she wants or he’s just ignoring it.”

—Sam, 30


17. “You have to go down on her for 15.634 minutes. If you go longer then your tongue will fall off and she will die. If you go for less time then you are a misogynist.”

—Tim, 24 TC mark


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    #7 and #11, Thank you , LOL!!!! Why is this even a question??? I had to tell my ex to stop, LOL. He would go for over an hour, lol.. Some people have a fetish for it, LOL…He was never tired…lol TMI! Oh well, we’re all adults here, lol.

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