Bravery Is Not A Choice (And Other Perils Of Being A Courageous Person)

Bravery – like chivalry – is nowadays presumed more often than not presumed as dead. Brave actions are hard to find in this world, and a brave person is a rarity comparable with the sighting of a Sumatra tiger.

So, it’s not surprising most people have no idea about the inner life and struggles of a brave person – to be brave seems like a gift, you say, heroes are always glorious and good, you think – not really. Not at all, actually.

Whereas a “common” person on this earth is free to stay oblivious to all happenings and surrounding events and most likely will sleep the sleep of the just, a brave person has no choice but to welcome the symptom of high blood pressure into their life – because bravery is not a choice.

True bravery comes from within and is built into you like a defiant genome. You can fight it, oh sure. But be prepared for the immense backlash in the form of extensive mutiny against the world and all it’s residents the next time you notice a sheer injustice.

A brave person will always display a great sense of strong ethics and morale. The world is truly painted in black and white – there is only two teams. With – or against. You’re consumed by the excessive need to draw a clear line – because if you don’t, who will in this world? When there is an injustice you witness, first hand or second hand does not matter – your eyes will glaze over and nothing else exisits anymore besides righting this present particular, specific wrong. Call it the Robin Hood Syndrome. Just in reality a lot less glorious.

Brave people are often ostracized and considered “extreme”. An enemy image is not only quickly developed but it will also last a very long time – all it takes is one incident, and in our non-comprosing eyes you will have a label on you that says “sketchy – handle with care” and you can kiss our trust goodbye. There will always be a bitter after taste – and it will take a fundamental turn of events to change this perception.

Sound exhausting? You betcha. It’s not only exhausting for other people around you who cannot understand why it is so damn important to do something about this particular, minor incident – just let it go? Naha, no can do my friend. It’s also immensely exhausting to us, the brave people next door. The motto of most police departments – “to protect and serve” – also goes for us. And we will give it our all. In most of the cases, we are not fighting for ourselves – we are protecting other people. We operate like sheepdogs – protecting our sheep, taking care of our own. And almost blindly so. Therefore, sometimes – rather quite often, brave people might get taken advantage of.

Thank god there are rarely any brave people left then, you say? Wrong again. When you’re brave at heart, you’re not afraid of anything – not even your own bravery. And who else would fight for the good and the justice? Well, except… Batman. I’ll give you that. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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