Why You Should Throw Out All Of Your Makeup

“People look the most kissable when they’re not wearing makeup.” — Andy Warhol

After reading this quote from Warhol’s autobiography almost two months ago, it has been on my mind every single day since. I also haven’t worn makeup since I read it and everyday that I don’t, I find so many more reasons not to wear it and really think about why girls wear it to begin with. I think Andy was really onto something.

I’ve been told for years why makeup is a waste. It’s too expensive, too fake, a waste of time, bad for skin, bad for animals, etc. All of these are valid but Andy didn’t make me think about my face with makeup, but he made me think about it without makeup.

“People look more kissable.” I wondered what he meant and then I thought about what it means for me to find someone attractive. Since most guys don’t wear makeup, I tried to think from a guy’s perspective why not wearing makeup would make a girl more kissable.

Maybe it’s because it makes the girl more interesting, therefore making her more beautiful. Girls can do so much more without makeup holding them back.

Makeup actually limits a girl. When I stopped wearing makeup, there was so much more I could spontaneously do. I could jump in a pool, run in the rain, exercise, or even just wipe my damn eyes without getting black smudges all over my face. (And those raccoon eyes are not very kissable, if you ask me. )

I’ve asked a lot of friends who wear makeup why they do and the answer I’ve gotten most is because they feel that they look better with it, that it naturally enhances their physical beauty. Then I wondered how my life is different since I stopped and I really that I don’t have to pause before doing things I want to do in that moment that might ruin my makeup. I’m so much more comfortable talking to new people because I really have nothing to hide behind. I have more time in the mornings to sleep in and I can go to bed without washing my face and worrying about ruining my pillow. I can also cry, from sadness or joy or shock or whatever I want because I’m not spending so much of my precious time worrying about what is on my face. Essentially, I feel like I enhance my living without wearing makeup and maybe this makes me more kissable.

You make think red lipstick and mascara makes you look better. Maybe it does, I still don’t know. I just know that if I want to eat a delicious Chipotle burrito I can’t with red lipstick. And I can’t cry from joy afterwards. And maybe I get as many smooches at the end of the day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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