Whenever You Decide To Leave Me, Do It With Noise

Danielle Drislane
Danielle Drislane

Whenever you decide to leave me, do it with noise. Don’t silently disappear in the dark, allowing my heart to get confused, to get anxious, trying to grasp you and hold on to you while you are slowly slipping away. Don’t let my mind make up a story for myself to comfort me. To tell me that you just need your time and that you will come back to me. So soon. Because my heart knows better.

Whenever you decide to leave me, do it with noise. Tell me you don’t want me anymore. Tell me you met someone else. Tell me I’m just not the one, although you once thought I was. Say it, louder, louder. Let my heart hear it, feel it. Give it what it needs. Whatever promise it may break. Please, don’t leave in silence.

Whenever you decide to leave me, do it with noise. I hear you think: ‘But won’t that be too hard?’ Of course it will be hard. My heart will be broken. I will feel worthless. I will feel anger, I will feel like no happiness will ever enter my life again. But you know what’s even harder? Losing faith in love. Letting my heart forever be confused, thinking ‘What good is love when it just disappears? Did it ever exist? Will it?’.

So, whenever you decide to leave me, will you do it with noise? Show me that the love we had was real. Real enough to put it to an end. Give our ending the same commitment and fire as our start. I know you remember. By leaving me with noise, you’ll let my heart know that love didn’t say ‘I was never there’, but just said ‘See you later’ and my heart will recognize and embrace it with open arms whenever it comes on my path again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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