Why Couldn’t You Love Me The Way I Loved You?

woman looking sad by chandelier
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Why was it so easy for you to fall in love with me, but even easier for you to walk away? Why did you let me continue to fall when you knew how bruised and broken I’d become?

Why did you bother crying with me on the floor, so afraid of this ending, when that’s just what happened? How could you let these walls go up between us, knowing that they’d never come back down?

Why did you resist being real with me when I’d done nothing but create a safe space for you? Why did you only let your guard down when you were intoxicated?

Why was it so easy for you to push me down? What about me indicated that I liked being yelled at for silly mistakes I’ve made?

Why did you promise to make things better, when we both knew you never would?

Why did you let this push-and-pull limbo go on for so long? What about the way I loved you didn’t sit right with you? Why was it easier for you to fear love, to fear chasing your dreams, to fear everything you’re capable of?

Why was I so easy to walk away from, when I was the most supportive, kind, and caring person in your life? Why did you disregard the person who cared so much about your happiness and personal fulfillment? Why couldn’t you see the best in yourself, the way I did?

Why did you turn on me, and on yourself, when your hurting heart so badly needed love?

Why couldn’t you face your demons, like the tough guy you tried to be? Why are you so afraid of the greatness you keep hidden inside of you?

Why did you fight so hard to keep me in your life, only to become a stranger again?

Why couldn’t you love me the way I loved you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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