Fallgasm: 12 Steps To A Perfect Fall

When Harry Met Sally - Special Edition
When Harry Met Sally – Special Edition
  1. Break out the oversized sweaters. If you want to achieve the “White Girl Who Is SO Excited For Fall, She Can’t Even” look, you must first dress the part. Swap out all your flip-flops, crop tops, and high waisted shorts for boots, flannel shirts, and skinny jeans. Goodbye summer, hello.
  2. Change your drink order at Starbucks. With dropping temperatures outside comes rising temperatures inside…your white coffee cup. Say farewell to Frapps and hello to PSL. If you’re not quite ready to give summer up yet, meet in the middle and feast on a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino. Those things are amazing.
  3. Organize a fun weekend outing with friends. See what produce is in season for picking at your local farm, get lost in a corn maze, or grab a cozy blanket and hop on a hayride!
  4. Go to a high school sporting event. Tickets are dirt cheap and you’ll have a blast dressing up in school colors and cheering on the team. It’s wholesome, fun, and an exciting way to relive your wild (or in my case, extremely tame) teen years.
  5. Document your autumn memories with some beautiful pieces of art you can DIY! Domestic goddesses and future Martha Stewarts will love these pinecone candle vines, berry bottle displays, and corn husk candle covers. If you’re feeling ambitious, try the hanging leaves or walnut wreath!
  6. Jump into a huge mountain of leaves. Yes, it totally negates all of the raking you just did, but when else in the year do you have the chance to roll around in the leaves like a little kid?
  7. Take a walk outside and experience the beauty of fall. Take in the vivid reds, the burnt oranges, and the bright yellows of the leaves overhead, the satisfying crunching sound of the leaves underfoot , and the crisp smell of changing seasons in the air.
  8. Carve a pumpkin. I know – easier said than done, and you’ll probably end up just repeatedly stabbing the poor pumpkin instead of making a jack-o’-lantern. If that’s the case, try painting it instead, but if you’re an expert carver, now’s your time to shine!
  9. Make a fall playlist of whatever music makes you feel calm and happy. Right now, I can’t stop listening to Tom Waits. His voice sounds like crunching leaves, flickering candles, and everything good about fall.
  10. Sit in front of the fireplace and read a good book. Wrap yourself in a warm blanket and sip on hot cocoa to really get the full experience.
  11. Throw your summer diet out the window and get a head start on your holiday weight gain. Now that it’s getting cold and we’re bundling up, it’s time to go HAM on that holiday food. Eat all the candy corn, caramel apples, pumpkin/apple/pecan pies, and candied yams you come into contact with. Hell, eat everything in your pantry. You can save your self-control for next year, when you’re making your New Years resolutions.
  12. Instagram as many moments as possible. How will the world know it’s fall if you don’t document every single colorful tree or pumpkin patch in existence? Answer: it won’t. Snap some selfies and photos of the scenery, but make sure you’re also living in the moment and enjoying it! The best season ever only comes once a year. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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