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In The Middle Of Her Heartache, She Discovered Running

“We run to undo the damage we’ve done to body and spirit. We run to find some part of ourselves yet undiscovered.” – John Bingham

She’s a runner. She runs for no one but herself. She runs because right now, it is the only thing she can control in the midst of her life spiraling out of control.

As she laces up her shoes, she can’t help but go deep within her mind where all her questions, fears, and insecurities linger. She tries to process all of the heaviness of her emotions she carries after a breakup. Her eyes begin to water as she takes a deep breath and gently exhales into the reality of her life alone.

She presses play on her favorite playlist in hopes to get her through her run. In hopes of taking her mind off the questions that were left unanswered. She wipes her tears and embraces the freedom of her feet hitting the pavement. She promised herself that this time she wouldn’t stop no matter the pace. After all, she knows that life continues with or without her being fully present. She hopes that with this commitment to herself she can gradually grow with every run.

No obstacle will hold her back from giving herself the joy that walked out the door with him. She will not give up on herself. She longs to love herself, and this run is going to be proof of that self-love. He may not have loved her as she deserved, but she’ll be damned if she doesn’t pick herself up and move forward with her life. Funny how after a breakup, she can’t help but notice the faults and failures that could have been changed.

She is learning that it is up to her to learn how to love the best and worst parts of herself. She is learning that life is not about striving to be perfect. Maybe it’s about loving the imperfect person that she sees in the mirror. Maybe love towards herself is the one love nobody can take from her.

In the middle of her heartache, she discovered running, so she could discover the love she deserves to have for herself.

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