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Life Happens In The Small Moments

“Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Author Unknown

It happened again. The rush of memories and the emotions that follow. She stops, breathes, and prepares her morning coffee. She gracefully eases into her new routines.

Routines that let her know that she will be okay now that he’s gone.

She hits play to distract herself with music and makes her bed.

Without warning, the song that she didn’t expect to hear surrounds her like a dense fog, preventing her from seeing any glimmer of light ahead. The lump in her throat swells and she is overwhelmed by all of her emotions. Her eyes fill with tears because the lyrics resonate with what she holds deep in her heart.

She asks herself how their precious memories could cause so much pain. They’re beautiful memories that come at her like darts never missing the target.

She tries to stop herself from feeling and softly prays for the emotions to pass.

Nonetheless, she lies down her arms and allows the feelings to flow through her. She takes a deep breath. She peels herself off the kitchen floor and slowly eases back into her heavy morning.

In these moments, all she sees is darkness. She feels the pain she hides from the world with every inch of her soul. It takes all her strength to feel the darkness that surrounds her and let it go so she can somewhat function the remainder of the day.

A divorce due to infidelity, half-truths, and selfishness is the ending of what was once a beautiful love story. If he only knew that him being human causes her to feel these moments months later. Moments she relives what seems like every day. All she can do is touch the ashes that were left from the flames that burned all the precious moments they lived.

With time, she will create new memories. Memories that no longer are shared with him. Memories created only for herself. She is painfully learning that life happens in the small moments and they are so delicate.

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