Why Teachers Are Hot

Mark Harmon in Summer School / (Amazon.com)
Mark Harmon in Summer School / (Amazon.com)

It’s the first day of class and you look up to see the personification of a manly/womanly unicorn of lusty professorial magic. There’s a social stigma attached to engaging in relationships with professors, and sure, maybe it’s not the most responsible course of action. However, I love to flirt, and it’s way more fun when there’s a little danger behind it. I don’t have the best willpower when it comes to resisting the urge to flirt with professors and I confess, I may visit office hours a little more frequently than what is deemed morally or socially appropriate. I also don’t give a damn. When I see a math professor whip out a complicated equation in his head while I’m still struggling with long division, it’s a huge turn-on.

I think it’s time we all just admit that professors are effing hot. They are well-educated, older (which means experienced), and sometimes even wear sexy plaid shirts. (That might just be my math professor from last semester, though.)

I, along with many other students, find myself attracted to professors. I have had this conversation with multiple people and while the teacher thing doesn’t do it for everyone, it is not uncommon for a student to find their teacher the object of imaginary, lust-filled romps through stacks of dusty textbooks, maybe even with a portrait of Ernest Hemingway watching. That is not to say that these romps will ever come to fruition, but regardless, the fantasies occur. I was having a discussion with a new friend and our mutual attraction to professors was brought up. Something she said stood out to me as universally summing up the professor/student thing. “I don’t know, I guess there’s just something about academia that really turns me on.” When phrased in this way, it seems almost irrational to not be into professors.

Some people might think it’s a power/control kind of thing, but for me a lot of it lies in finding an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge in someone. People who still genuinely love to learn are beautiful and rare. When I get down to the root of it, I am attracted to professors not just because of the khakis and button-downs (I could find that in any accountant’s office), but because of the passion they exhibit for whatever subject they are teaching. I have found people who agree with me and people who think I’m a little weird, but I’ll be happily reconstructing a portrait of Kurt Vonnegut’s face out of literary quotes while listening to documentaries about World War II on tape. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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