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An Ode To Losing You

Lately I’ve found myself searching for you in the faces of people I pass on the street.

The Gregg Test (An Alternative To The Bechdel Test)

We may have progressed as a culture to accepting people of all races, genders, and sexualities in our daily lives, but in mainstream entertainment someone is still seen as the Other if they’re not part of the monolith.

Dating (As) A Feminist Is Hard

To be a feminist nowadays is to be constantly digging deeper to find the root of the problem, to see how inequality manifests and to search for where the flaws really begin. Which, fellas, I realize poses a challenge for you as well as for us.

I’m Straight Because It’s Convenient

As Ashley says in one of the first few episodes of South of Nowhere, “I don’t really ascribe to labels.” That’s how I’ve felt about my sexuality, ever since I started questioning it.